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Transition Liverpool Newsletter, August 2018
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Transition Liverpool

Transition Café

Global Warming and Closer to Home - Professor Andy Morse
Wed 12 September 2018,   18:30 – 20:45 BST
at The Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool  L1 3BT
Professor Andrew Morse is Professor of Climate Impacts in the School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool. His Ph.D. is in Atmospheric Physics, and he works on the impacts of climate variability and climate change on human and animal health.

Andy will speak at about 7.30, and there will be plenty of time for questions, with the meeting finishing around 8.45.
The meeting is free, but please register in advance with Eventbrite so we can organise enough food ! Facebook event

We meet at 6.30pm to share food together - we will provide soup, drinks and some basics - please bring vegetarian food to share ! The meeting starts about 7.30pm. Transition Café is the second Wednesday of each month at the Friends Meeting House, School Lane Liverpool. Soup and food provided from 6.30 followed by an event from our programme.
Transition Liverpool mostly tries to create change so that we adapt ourselves and prepare for when the severe effects of peak oil extraction and climate change take hold - growing food, having suitable housing, repairing clothes and equipment,  avoiding using plastic, reducing our carbon footprint, etc. However, we also need to know about the situation, so we are having this talk on Climate Change.

Resilience Picnic – Rise for Climate at Fulwood Community Garden, 8th September, 11 to 3pm - Facebook event

Transition Meetups
Come along and say hello, talk about transition, do networking – let us know what you are doing (or what you’d like to do), hear about similar projects, discuss how to do things better, ....... and we'll tell you what we are doing. Sometimes we also just have a cup of tea and chatter !
Everyone welcome ! (we may also talk about our pet topics of co-operatives and co-housing, but not quite all the time !)
Meeting every Thursday at The Brink, 15-21 Parr Street, from 4pm to 6pm
Thursday 13th September
Thursday  20th September
Thursday  27th September
Thursday  4th October

Transition Challenges - a consultation
Core Group and Membership
We have a slightly odd situation with Transition Liverpool:-
We have 800 followers on Facebook, plus 700+ subscribers to the newsletter. There will be some crossover, but it’s fair to say that we have at least 1,000 people in our network.
However, our core group has shrunk due to health issues and other commitments, so that there are effectively only two of us who are active, and one of those has loads of other commitments, which leaves me !! This is OK a lot of the time, but the monthly meetings take a great deal of effort which I can’t sustain.
Obviously we could decrease what we do (stop making food at the monthly meeting), but we’d rather try and develop what we do and draw in more people
We have a system where there is a core group, plus some helpers, and then “the public”
We'd like to develop the system and we need some input on this ………
Would a membership system work better ?
Could we have a “green agreement” or Green Pledge for people to become members ?
Or would having a Facebook Group for Members be the best thing to do ?
How can we develop more sense of community ? (a community needs to know who the members are)
Or stay the same with more new core group members ?

The bottom line is that we need help to put on the monthly meetings –  to make food, set up the room, choose a topic, get speakers. However, this would just continue as we are, with core group and “public”. Rather than “continuing”, could we make slightly different changes and develop Transition into a far more effective organisation, and with more sense of community and connection for the members ?

Facebook, Forum and Directory
A second issue is the way that we communicate.
Facebook is great for photos and videos, and for chatter. However, we had some great interchanges about Eco-bricks two weeks ago, but they are long gone on Facebook. I’ve dug out the links and used them in the newsletter, so it’s not lost.
But, this is the nature of Facebook – it’s transient !
When we are in a situation where we are trying to develop a network and connect people together (like for plastic and recycling at the moment), then we need to look at other ways of doing things
I can do data-mining on the back issues of the newsletter and fairly easily make a good start on a Directory of groups and projects (then I’d need some help for people to input low-profile things they know about, and also to do mapping )
I could also set up a forum (I have web-hosting space). Would people be interested in using this ? they are not as easy to use for images and videos, but, they are much better for building up things that are slow-moving or which take more development. They are also much better for serious debate and discussion. Or would it be better to set up lots of Facebook sub-groups ?
I’d rather do less on Facebook, or use it for the instant stuff – chatter, events, etc. and then have a forum for development (again, I think I’d need some help moderating it – people don’t always behave well, and whatever its other faults, Facebook deals with that quite well)
Please email us on with your ideas (and offers). I’ll make a couple of posts on Facebook for anyone who wants to respond there


Progress Report
Our next meeting is on Saturday 8th September. This is a closed meeting for the Core Group to decide on the Vision and Values for the ongoing project (with a facilitator). Watch out for puffs of white smoke around 5pm near the Anglican Cathedral. The meeting after may also be closed – we also need to establish a legal structure.
After that we will open the doors again to new members, and take a good look at how to go forward – the exact details of design and location, for example. Three new people have contacted us recently about joining, which is very pleasing ! We are having the closed meetings because we have a core group of 8 or 9 people who have all met together 4 or 5 times – and we have learned a lot together on our trips to Lancaster and Leeds. We have got used to each other and feel we can make these important decisions now. However, we don’t feel that we could simultaneously take in new members, so we hoap that anyone else will wait for a few weeks before they can join in

Buildings and housing links
RIBA comments on the new
National Planning Policy Framework - report

Top tips for
converting your loft – RIBA article

The North West Bicester Exemplar development in Bicester, Oxfordshire is the UK’s first Eco Town and true zero carbon community. article from Transition by Design

What might buildings, settlements and even regions look like
through the lens of Permaculture design ? – Low Impact article

Wood durability guide: timber durability chart & database (trees listed in alphabetical order) – Low Impact article

The future of land ownership: interview with Oli Rodker of the Ecological Land Co-op and the Landworkers’ Alliance – Low Impact article

Living together 3: company limited by shares – Martin Prosser of Sunflower Cohousing – Low Impact article
Living together 4: how to turn a row of terraced houses into a housing co-op – Low Impact article
From Proposal to Planning (RUSS School Module 2) 
- self-build training series in South London for Co-operatives, next module September 29th - event booking
Announcement that Peel Holdings will install
Danish-style district heating in Liverpool Waters development – website report

Wales is letting people
build their own eco-homes in the countryside – short video
Some nice-looking kit homes from
Hebridean homes - website

Magneglaze – magnetic secondary glazing system – get ready for the winter - website

Pre-fabricated “hobbit homes” can be built in 3 days – Facebook video

Plastic, Waste and Recycling
Ecobricks look like the best way to use all the little odds and ends of soft plastic - you stuff them into a plastic bottle, and then use that for all sorts of building projects (you have to get it to the right weight and use clean plastic though). It started in the Philippines, and it's just starting locally !

Making Ecobricks in the Phillipines  - Facebook video
UK organisation - website
Waste Not Want Not in Birkenhead Market creates Ecobricks too
- Facebook
Refill is opening soon in South Liverpool - Facebook
Ecobricks community Wirral - Facebook

The Scale of the Problem - Scary Facebook video about plastics - Facebok video

Plastic Tactics – new CIC startup intending to develop plastic recycling machinery here in Liverpool – follow then on Facebook

A Million Stars photo of abandoned tents at festivals
Rescued tents photo  Every one of these tents will be cleaned by prisoners at UK prisons or they'll be upcycled into some gorgeous bags, ponchos and jackets, designed by fashion students from LJMU....better than going to landfill! These are the lucky ones, it's estimated that 60,000 of their tent friends have been sent to landfill!

What happens to plastic in Japan, where they recycle more than 80% of everything – they used to send the plastic to China for recycling, but they can’t take any more – BBC video
(however, their problems are not an excuse to do nothing !!)

Terracycle have set up a Writing Implements Recycling Program
There are 505 locations in the UK (nearly all schools, some on Merseyside) where you can take your broken or dead pens, felt tips, etc, and they will be collected and taken to be recycled properly ! We think there is only one school in Liverpool signed up so far - webpage

Merseyside Play Action Council have a craft store (between Lime St Stn and London Road) with major stocks of arts and crafts and other play equipment. They may also recycle all sorts of stuff like cardboard tubes. I'll go and check in the week !! They also have hot-desking offices etc. - website

Boomerang Bags turns old cloth into bags  - Facebook

ReciproCity Wirral has recycled paint, unsold and overstock building materials, including kitchen and bathroom things, as and when available. Well worth a look ! - Updates on Facebook

The Big help Project in Knowsley is doing marvellous things – food bank, community shop, paint recycling, debt advice …….. they also upcycle some furniture and electrical goods - on Facebook
their website

Pyramid of paper cups from café binsacks highlights waste problem – BBC video report

Local Events
Wirral Earth Fest
is on Saturday 15th September at St Bridget’s Church and Field, West Kirby
The festival will feature live music, storytelling, exhibitors, stalls from local interest groups, crafts, plus food and drink and who knows what else more! Wirral Earth Festival aims to bring the wider community together in a safe space where you’re very likely to bump into an old friend or make a new one and is ever more relevant as issues of climate change, plastic reduction and greater environmental awareness are ever more in the news. Facebook Event


Ed’s Place. PLACED is popping-up at Ed’s Place in Liverpool city centre this September. We’ll be bringing people together to reimagine our city centre.
Ed’s Place will be on the ground floor of the old George Henry Lee building, Houghton Street from Thursday, 30th August until Sunday, 23rd September. For three weeks there will be exciting programme of events and exhibitions. Website
Ed’s Place is an opportunity for imaginative thinking about how our city centre can be a better place for everyone. It will provide a creative space for people, decision makers and developers to come together and share ideas. Together, we’ll explore how Liverpool city centre could be reimagined and revived, including future uses for empty shops and greener outdoor spaces.


Merseyside Embroiderers Guild has an exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral from 22 Sept at 10am – 28 Sept at 4pm. It  commemorates the 250th anniversary of the first voyage of HMS Endeavour with Captain Cook and Joseph Banks. - Facebook

The Brink on Facebook
It the Brink’s 7th Birthday on 28th September from 7 to 11pm - event
Guitar Classes 3 times a week, and Ukelele’s on Tuesdays - Facebook
Young Musician’s Showcase, 15th September, 6pm - Facebook
Open Mic – acoustic only, no bands, every Wednesday from 3 to 5 - Facebook
Welfare Advice, every Monday, 12 to 3 - Facebook

Next to Nowhere – in the Basement of News from Nowhere – ring the white bell near the side door.
Every Saturday from 12noon – vegan kitchen, good food by donation

Every Saturday at 5.30pm, youth group. see the website

Biennial – upcoming events - see the webpage for all sorts of events, artist talks, special tours, etc. Our critics think the best of it is at the Tate North !

Rise for Climate Change is September 8th - communities around the world will mobilise to end the age of fossil fuels.
We’ll be on the streets on every continent, right before local and regional leaders gather in California for the Global Climate Action Summit - the largest climate gathering of local and regional governments ever. Together we can raise the pressure on local leaders to step up and show real climate leadership where our national governments have failed*. - main website

Self-Repairing Cities on Thursday 13 September 2018, 6.30pm
A talk by Mark Miodownik – a materials engineer and Professor of Materials and Society at University College London – curated by The Serving Library in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University’s Exhibition Research Lab for Liverpool Biennial 2018.
As a result of our greater understanding of matter, the distinction between animate and inanimate is now becoming blurred, ushering in a new materials age. Bionic people with synthetic organs, bones and even brains are becoming a reality. Just as we are becoming more synthetic, so our man-made environment is changing to become more lifelike: buildings, objects and materials that heal themselves are being developed. This talk will review the science behind these new animate material technologies and considers whether a particular goal, that of creating self-repairing cities, is achievable.
Drinks from 6pm, talk 6.30–7.30pm. Free, booking required here:

Bach Remedies Conference at Liverpool Quaker Meeting House, 15th September, 9am to 4.30pm - Facebook

Local Development and Local Issues
The Preston Model (of Co-Operatives) for Economic Revival – article / interview

Pier Head Village (mostly funfair) reaches the end of it’s lease – join in this consultation about if it should continue

Ancient Futures is a film about the Himalayan region of Ladakh (or 'Little Tibet') which shows what we can learn about ecological and social balance from a vibrant place-based culture, and how exposure to the global economy and conventional 'development' can quickly put that balance at risk. - video

The owner of Talk-Talk is from Irlam, and he investing in his old home town in some interesting ways – BBC video

Buurtzorg is a self organising social care system – this is a good series of articles about how it could help the health services in the UK and Ireland
Part 1 - shifting mindsets - article
Part 2 – emerging experience in the UK - article

Part 3 – communicating a holistic picture - article
Local Government Pension funds on Merseyside have £200 million invested in fossil fuel companies, including fracking. This page begins to campaign against that.

Can Cook is based in Garston and provides meals for schools and day centres. Great article in The Guardian. The organiser is very unhappy with food banks because of the low nutritional value of the food they supply.
Their site is here  and they also provide apprenticeships in kitchen work, cooking etc Their motto is FRESH, HEALTHIER, CATERING IN LIVERPOOL AND MERSEYSIDE
Oddly, a few weeks later we heard about
CAN Café in Waterloo – Merseyside’s first 100% plastic free and vegan café. It’s at 32 St John’s Road. - report in the Echo
They sell drinks in cans and you can crush your can when you finish it and it will be recycled or used in the new furniture (we hope to provide photos of the can crushing soon) - on Facebook

Caz’s Kitchen, is a café also in Waterloo at 47 St John’s Road – lots of sugar free and gluten free cakes, but all taste great, (and there’s a lovely café garden too) - on Facebook

Squash Nutrition – their full autumn programme is on their website
After a short breather break the shop and café will be back open on Thursday 13th September.
Food for Real Fest - Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd September.
The Art of Seed-Saving – Friday 21st Sept
The Hundred Year Harvest Exhibition by Nina Edge – Drawing and Displays from 21st Sept for a month
Intro to Sourdough Bread Baking – Saturday 22nd Sept
Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai (FILM) – Sunday 23rd Sept
Miso Magic – Saturday 22nd Sept
Family Hive Arts and Crafts – Sunday 23rd Sept

Waste Not Want Not is a zero plastic shop in Birkenhead market (and creates Ecobricks too) - Facebook
Refill is opening soon in South Liverpool, also zero plastic - Facebook


Cooking with stored energy: how to build an off-grid solar slow cooker – Low Impact article

Join a community wine-making scheme ! London has several, as many people have pergolas and vines in their back yards – maybe Liverpool has enough good grapes for this ? – Low Impact article
Gardening, Nature, Permaculture
National Permaculture Convergence is in Manchester, 21st – 23rd September - website
This year we're doing something quite different, bringing the convergence into a series of urban venues in Hulme, Manchester with different themed days. There will be something for everyone. Anyone is welcome, whatever your experience level of permaculture.

High Heathercombe Centre
Have a range of interesting courses near Dartmoor - website
including a 2 week Full Permaculture Design Course from 27th October to 10th November - link to website
What might buildings, settlements and even regions look like through the lens of
Permaculture design ? – Low Impact article

Urban farming – good article on the potential of hydroponics, LED lighting etc. in large buildings to feed people in cities. - article

Eco-system Strengthening – sounds like a good idea, but quite a long article !

Merseyside Biobank records local species from surveys – Facebook page

Shoresearch at Ainsdale Beach with Living Seas Northwest, see what you can find, 10-12am 16th September - Facebook event

Community Farm Hack Wales at Tyddyn Teg Cooperative, 4th to 7th October
What is farm hack? Farm hack is a peer-to-peer learning network, based on open source and horizontal sharing of on farm appropriate technology solutions (read about the idea here ( Facebook event and Low Impact article

Mindfulness and nature workshop by Lucy Page for the WEA,  - 4 sessions, including two trips to Formby - on Facebook

10x Greener is an initiative connected to FoE
Let’s make our cities beautiful places to live and work – thriving with wildlife. We want to help you and your community transform streets & neglected gardens into buzzing, blooming green spaces. 
Let us help you hire a postcode gardener to green things up. Top entries will receive a £500 boost toward their crowdfunder, access to our community gardening guru, a toolkit and more. Apply now.

Easy ways to help bees in late summer - FoE website

Courses, Trainings and Lectures

MIT free online course on Leadership
u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future
An introduction to leading profound social, environmental and personal transformation. - website

Helping Learners and Communities Create Change Around the World u.lab on MITx:
This page would be a good starting place for a range of MIT open learning online courses

United Nations Free Online Courses
We live in a time of disruptive change. How to activate our capacity to lean into the emerging future may well be the most important leadership challenge of our time. How do you cultivate curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear?
Amazing range of free online courses provided by the UN – there are some incredible possibilities here, open to anyone


Cultivating Regenerative Societies – 8 week video streaming workshop / online community  from Findhorn with key visionaries begins on 20th September to 4th April (donation requested) - article

From Proposal to Planning (RUSS School Module 2)  - self-build training series in South London for Co-operatives, next module September 29th - Eventbrite booking

Depth of Field – a series of 3 photography workshops at Burcough Community Farm - Facebook event

Carbon Co-op in Manchester
Green Open Homes Weekend - 29th + 30th Sept 2018
Visit Eco-Homes
Homes across Greater Manchester are opening their doors for one weekend for visitors to have a nosey!
Come and see: External & Internal Wall Insulation | MVHR | Solar PV & Thermal | Biomass boilers | Smart heating controls | Triple glazing | High levels of airtightness | LED and efficient appliances | various ventilation strategies | Loft and floor insulation + more...
For booking

Carbon Co-op Autumn Training Schedule
Autumn Term Begins!
Practical training from trusted industry professionals, learn everything you need to know to improve your home, making it warmer, healthier and greener.
Upcoming trainings:
  • Beginner's Guide To Retrofit - 12th Sept 2018, FREE, Book:
  • Routes to Retrofit - turning your plans into reality - 6th & 13th Oct 2018, Book:
  • DIY Retrofit for Homeowners - putting theory into action - 10th, 11th & 24th Nov 2018, Book: 
Free Courses in Spain
Liverpool Community Renewables got some funding last year working in partnership with Ulex Project
The project is coming to an end now but a few places may still be available, The places are fully funded, the course, board and lodging have been paid for. Also there is a £450 travel bursary. Once you have confirmed you can come and been selected, we will transfer the money into your account and you just sort out your travel. Ulex have a strong environmental grounding, so flying is not allowed you have to travel overland. 
There are two spaces on Regenerative Activism - 22nd Sept- 1st Oct  and we have three spaces left to fill on the transformative collaboration course 6th October -14th.
You may be too late now, but drop an email to Ed Gommon if you are interested or to get more details

Environmental Monitoring Co-creation event. This is a free opportunity for people across both industry and academia to discuss ideas and prospects for research and innovations relating to environmental monitoring. On Tuesday 18th September from 12.00pm-2.15pm at Sensor City, LCR 4.0 - website

Liverpool University short courses, lectures and events - website

CAT short courses, including courses on Building with Straw Bales, Intro to Sustainable Energy Provision and Demand Management, The Science Behind Gardening, Compost Toilets, etc. - website

The Planet Within: Group Consciousness as the gateway to the new Civilization
an international co-creative gathering for a deeper experience of group consciousness
May 29 – June 2, 2019, Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy - website

How to Communicate like a Buddhist – online course

Eden project Community Camps in Cornwall
There are two more camps this year – many of the places on them are fully funded - website
28th September - 1st October 2018
9th - 12th November 2018

Living the New Story – Cultivating Regenerative Societies. Live-streaming series  from Findhorn New Story, for 8 months with 2-hour session each month, beginning  20th September. There is a fantastic line up of topics and speakers, sure to uplift and inspire. Now all we need is you! Join us as a conscious co-creator to catalyse the shift to a thriving, regenerative future. They ask for a donation, but free may be possible too. - Facebook event

Community groups

Merseyside Environment Trust - website

VSNW is the Voluntary Sector North West
"The regional voluntary sector network for the North West. Ensuring the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, in all its diversity, takes its full part in shaping the future of the North West."
They have a lot of information about changes to the planning system, which we don’t have much information on ourselves - website
Sign up for
Green Bullet newsletter  on their website

The Friends of Rimrose Valley have just published their latest newsletter - they are not at all happy with Highways England, who don't seem to be behaving in a fair and independent way
Engage Liverpool Grapevine newsletter - online version

DOES has a new website – maker centre, hi-tech community, and much more ……..

Sefton CVS  newsletter

Community Action Wirral Newsletter

City Mayors call for cleaner air. The mayors of many of the city regions have united to call for cleaner air - report

Canal and River Trust newsletter

Sustainable Food Cities newsletter

Project Dirt update

Beach cleaning
The High Tidiers Litter Picking Group, West Kirby
So many people have told us how much cleaner the beach is looking this year and we really feel that the community are valuing this fantastic asset that we have. Sadly, there are still problem areas. Plastic is pushed between the rocks and fragments before washing out to sea, but thanks to your efforts the rocks and the dunes are getting a regular clean and the oceans are being protected. - Facebook page
Hope to see you all soon at one of our future events listed below:
Sunday 26th August 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Saturday 1st September 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Thurstaston Beach (Meet at the slipway by the sailing club)
Sunday 9th September 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Sunday 23rd September 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Sunday 7th October 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Saturday 20th October 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Gilroy Nature Park (Meet at the footpath entrance on Gilroy Road)
Sunday 4th November 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Saturday 17th November 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Grange Hill Heath (Meet at the Lang Lane entrance to Grange Cemetery)

The New Brighteners (in New Brighton) have a Facebook page

Friends of Crosby Beach – beach cleaning community - website

New Thought
I confess I haven't read all these, but they all look good !!

Embrace the Journey: The 5 Stages of Corporate Sustainability
MIT lecturer Otto Scharmer breaks the corporate sustainability journey into five stages. Where does your company fit in? - article

12 reasons why people refuse to address the idea that we’re headed for near-term societal collapse – Low Impact article

Mothers of Invention is a series of podcasts on women's actions to preserve the environment, presented by former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins. The first one is about legal challenge to Governments on climate change

My mutual credit journey (and how you can join in the fun) – lots of good interviews and videos – Low Impact article

Nesta backs new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time - website

Eight Smart Cities that are empowering citizens with data – Nesta article

From the public sphere to the participatory society – Nesta article

Designing collective intelligence - Mobilising humans and machines to address social needs – Nesta event on September 17th in London.

Civil Society Strategy, summary webpages  broken down into a number of key areas

Design constraints for a viable economic system - article

What is “Self-Organising” ? – seems like a useful article

Be Suspicious of Simple Stories – TED Talk by Tyler Cowen

The Art of Aligning Groups - article

The Many Dimensions of Change - article

Networking does Not Equal Network Weaving - article

Why is the far right dominated by men ? (and also the far left) Is some form of toxic masculinity really the problem ?? Guardian article has more questions than answers

Arts, Crafts, Music, Video, etc
Merseyside Embroiderers Guild has an exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral from 22 Sept at 10am – 28 Sept at 4pm. It  commemorates the 250th anniversary of the first voyage of HMS Endeavour with Captain Cook and Joseph Banks. - Facebook event

Paper-making in Japan - Facebook video
Hand made paper from mulberry – a very high-end product. Surely there are local plants here we could do this with ?


In memory of the cardboard castle in Williamson Square – what a great installation - Facebook photo

A cartoon rap video of Economic Man vs Humanity - Facebook video

Entertaining video of pre-historic goddesses in chorus !! (“Why not believe in Me ?”) - Facebook video

A wonderful tribute to Aretha Franklin from the one-and-only Stevie Wonder – BBC report
and the great woman sings “Let it Be” - Youtube

Depth of Field – a series of 3 photography workshops at Burscough Community Farm - Facebook event

Pink Sand Studio is a new Magazine and website produced by local artist Paddy Gould - website

Ethos Magazine – Issue 7 is now out, with all sorts of interesting stuff - website

Simon Clark ran anticlockwise around the coast of Britain last year, and now, with a friend, he's running clockwise round the coast of Ireland.
He writes great reports nearly every day, and takes some good photos - he's well worth following and making a donation - Facebook page


Hack the Root is still on at RIBA North, and is part of the Biennial too
They grew a special type of mushroom that is almost entirely inert and can be used as a structural material and for insulation - website


Open Culture website has many treasures - this page has readings of Rumi by Tilda Swinton, Madonna, Robert Bly, etc.

Science News

From New Scientist, 25th August 2018, p29.
Scientists have been doing research into placebos, and their dark twin, nocebos. With a placebo, although it is usually only sugar, the person thinks it will do them good, with a nocebo, though it might also be sugar, the person thinks they will have bad effects or side effects, such as nausea or skin rashes, and so they do !!

It would be interesting to know the percentage of placebos prescribed by doctors in the UK

Anyway, the point of this new research is about how the mind interrelates to the body – very frequently in medical trials, half of the patients are given a drug and the other half are given an identical-seeming placebo. Very often the patients receiving the placebo also show a marked improvement in their health, which is statistically significant.
How and why does this happen ? The researchers think that it all depends on your expectations – you get the result you expected to get.
In fact this has much wider ramifications:- if you expect to be slim, fit and healthy when you are old, then you probably will be, whereas if you expect to be fat and tired, then that is what you will get.
They tested this with a team of cleaners at a hotel. They suggested to half of the cleaners that they were doing good aerobic work, the equivalent of a workout at the gym, and so these guys lost an average of 1kg each in a month. The other cleaners had no suggestion made, and stayed the same.
The way you think is important !!

Artist of the Month
Zsalto Zsalto is a freelance artist and illustrator/daytime molecular biologist currently living in California - website
Amazing time-lapse video of her working !


About Transition Liverpool
The main Transition Liverpool event is the monthly “Transition Café” which is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We also have a Meetup every week at the Brink on Thursdays from 4pm till 6, which gives more space for discussion and connecting in a more personal way. There is an Energy Group, and every October we put on a full-day Symposium. Our main concerns are to help create a “soft-landing” rather than a crash as fuel supplies fall and demand rises, and also as the effects of climate change increase. Transition is a development model for “advanced” societies to help us create better and more fulfilled lives for all, while using less resources.
We are part of the
Transition Network, and Transition Town West Kirby are also very active. Our local Liverpool website is here, and our Facebook page is here. 
Some of the main Transition publications are available online for free download - the original Transition Handbook, and the recent Essential Guide to doing Transition .

Newsletter Information
Data Protection
Transition Liverpool only has the following information about you:- your name and your email address. We are not gathering any other information, and we would not give or sell our database to anyone else. However, we are using this free and very convenient emailing program, MailChimp, and they supply us some information that we are not really very interested in, such as which are the most popular links in each newsletter.
We don’t know what information Mailchimp is collecting on people, and what use they may be putting it to – they are not intrusive, and there is no advertising. It seems they may be similar to Google, Facebook and the others, however, it’s relatively easy to “Unsubscribe” if you are concerned about this – click the link in the footer at the end of this email.
If you have been sent this newsletter by a friend and would like to subscribe, please
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If you want to send us information or news for the next newsletter, please send to Please use for all other enquiries.
Best Wishes and Happy Transitions,   George
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