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Transition Liverpool Newsletter, October 2019
Transition Liverpool

          Transition Gathering – 12th October
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Co-housing and building
Merseyside Cohousing Meeting – 15th October
            PassivHaus Meeting – 8th October

Fundraising and Liverpool SOUP
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Climate Change
Plastics, recycling, zero waste
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Transition Liverpool
global warming leads to higher sea levels
Transition Gathering – 12th October
Taking Action against Climate Breakdown
Saturday 12th  October 2019, from 9:30am – 4.30pm, at Liverpool Quaker Meeting House, School Lane
This is a Transition North West Gathering hosted by Transition Liverpool
Join the local Transition Towns community for our annual gathering, a chance to look at problems caused by climate change and encourage active participation in developing solutions.
During this day-long event we will:
  • Take a look at the likely impact of fossil fuel use on our coastline as the area becomes more severely affected by sea level rises and storm surges
  • Seek to support and inspire each other as we make necessary changes to our individual lifestyles
  • Discuss the steps we need to take to reduce emissions
  • Explore how can we work with politicians in our local region to tackle climate breakdown
Annie Merry from Faiths for Change will open the day with a brief account of the environmental work of the Metro Mayor and Liverpool City Region.
Dr Amani Becker of the University of Liverpool and National Oceanography Centre, UK will speak in the morning. Amani is a Coastal Resilience Impact Fellow at the UoL and an Applied Coastal Scientist (specialising in coastal resilience) at NOC. She leads delivery of the UK Space Agency C-RISe project , which works with in-country partners to deliver outcomes from satellite altimetry Earth observation services in Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius.
A light lunch will be provided with vegan and vegetarian soup, and desserts
Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day
After lunch there will be an Open Space session, for you to put forward ideas for practical things you would like to do to tackle climate breakdown. Gather in groups to discuss, collaborate, generate interest and plan your actions/projects/ideas. If you have something you think we can do directly that will make a difference, please bring it and put it out to the gathering.
We hope for donations on the day towards lunch and the work of Transition Liverpool.
FREE - but please book now on Eventbrite to reserve a place 
Or, visit the Facebook event page to connect to the booking page
And, follow us on Facebook for more information
Transition Network News
Transition Network excitedly invite you to two brilliant events in London on Sun 20th October:
Pop Up Tomorrow (London) - Join us as we step into an imagined future to collectively vision, playfully build and then physically inhabit a 3D vision of a Zero Carbon Britain in 2030. Facebook event

Book Launch: From What Is To What If - celebrating the launch of Rob Hopkins wonderful and inspiring new book 'From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of the Imagination to Create the Future We Want'. - Facebook event

Pop Up Tomorrow Events. We appreciate London's a bit of a hike for some folks, so there's lots of ideas here of Pop Up Tomorrow events and activities you can do in your local area

Co-housing and building
Merseyside Co-housing
After all that waiting, we’ve had not one, but two newsletters in the last month
Co-Housing Meeting - 15th Oct
7 to 9 pm, Tuesday 15th October
Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool City Centre
The meeting is in the George Fox room, which is a small room on the 2nd floor
There is Facebook event for the meeting
After the last newsletter, several people responded that they want to live in co-housing, so I’ve pressed on and organised a meeting. The most important thing is to begin getting to know each other. That might be enough for this first meeting
Please Note. This is a meeting for people who are already interested in co-housing We’ll have meetings later for people who want to find out more, or email us on if you have questions
Meeting on PassivHaus construction - 8th Oct
Liverpool Green Party are having a meeting on PassivHaus construction
7.30 to 9pm, Tuesday 8th October, open to all (The Green Party have a (closed) business meeting from 7 to 7.30)
DoES Liverpool, 1st Floor, The Tapestry, 68-76 Kempston Street. L3 8HL (behind TJ Hughes on London Rd).       Facebook event
Lilly Hein-Hartmann is giving a presentation to the Liverpool Green Party on PassivHaus construction. This is a method with very high levels of insulation and minimal heat loss through draughts and conduction from inside to outside the building, so much so that a person sitting in a room will act as a 1.5kW heater, and no other heat source is required. However, more air circulation is then required, and this is done in a controlled way so that heat loss in minimized.
This is easiest in a new-build, but retrofitting old houses to this standard is possible, and clearly the Green Party want to study this
Lilly is a recently qualified architect who is also an enthusiast for co-housing.
Report on Community Funding Meeting
This was held at the Harry Moncrieff Centre several weeks ago
There are two main routes for funding of new community housing projects

Buildings. Homes England fund the building side of things, while
Community Development. Homes in Community Hands give funding for the social and community side of things, ultimately funded by Power to Change via a range of agencies.
It’s become clearer to me after this meeting how this can work. For example if someone bought a large old house…..
1. Homes England don’t fund the actual purchase of a house, but they can fund things like feasibility studies for retro-fitting of eco features, or feasibility of installing a lift, of making some other adaptations and applying for planning permission for these.
2. Community Social Fund / Power to Change might fund any external community dimension that are introduced into a project, for example funding a polytunnel for gardening education, funding a shed for a shed club, and perhaps funding a toilet block so that visitors to these projects wouldn’t have to go into the members living areas.
Quite a lot of funding is available, but, there are always hoops to jump through and you need to adapt to fit in with the funders  ....
Wonderful Council Housing in Vienna – a different world to what we have here – Channel 4 video report on Facebook
Underpopulated Italian region offers visitors €25,000 to move in  - Guardian Report
How to plaster straw-bale walls with clay: the first coat – Low Impact article
Straw bale, strohballen, strobaal: reflections on the European Straw Bale Gathering 2019 – Low Impact article
Forest of Fabrication – DRMM pioneers of timber architecture – exhibition on at RIBA North until February – RIBA website
Study on Community Land Trusts – Financial case studies on a number of trusts - online report
Fundraising - Liverpool SOUP – Special Feature
The last Liverpool SOUP was on Thursday 3rd October, and as always, it was wonderful. This one was hosted by Tusk at Cains Brewery.
How it works is that you make a £10 donation (if you can) and you get a ticket for your bowl of soup (excellent) and then use the ticket as your voting card. There were pitches from 4 organisations, each of which deserved and needed the money, but, there is a vote, and the winner takes all of the pot of donations. In this case, the winners received £680, which was amazing

Please try and help them all if you can, either with funds or practical help !!!
These were the 4 organisations
Ullet Rd Church Rebels. Follow them on twitter  @UlletRebelsFC
This is a football club for some of the most needy people, including many recent migrants and asylum seekers who have no money and are not allowed to work, and who have often suffered greatly to get here. Football lets them forget and enjoy themselves, and form friendships and connections.
The team has to provide all the kit, travel and food, as these people have nothing, and this costs about £7,000 a year.
Old Swan in Bloom on Facebook
They are trying to improve Old Swan with planters and flowers, and set up a community garden at the library, in one of the few places away from the traffic
They especially need
  • donation of landscape gardening consultancy to help them plan properly
  • equipment to make a sensory garden for disabled children, and to make it accessible
  • plants, equipment and publicity
Please help if you can
Humanise Me Project on Facebook (The Winners !!)
They are a film club with a difference. They also set out to help recent migrants and asylum seekers who have no money and are not allowed to work, and also people with illnesses and who are on benefits.
They carefully choose films that will be of relevance, and have a showing every few weeks. The big difference is that they have discussions after the movies to find the wisdom in each film – what they can learn from it and apply it in their lives
They especially need:-
  • funds to pay for the screening rights (about £100 per film)
  • they need to pay the transport costs so that people can attend
  • they provide meals and popcorn each time
  • more people to come and attend the screenings and join the discussions
  • People with spare rooms where an asylum seeker can stay
  • Ideas for films where people show their humanity, dignity and resilience
Plastic Tactics on Facebook
They are equipping a shipping container as a plastic recycling centre where (young) people can bring some plastic, process it themselves, and a few hours later walk away with something they have made themselves from it !
They have chosen this direction of “connecting people with their own waste” rather than other options such as industrial or semi-industrial production
What they need at the moment:
  • Construction advice to finalise our shipping container conversion plans,
  • Help to get second-hand (but solid) plywood boards and insulation. Specifically, are there any sustainable insulation materials that could work?
  •  Contacts in organisations who might be able to book plastic workshops - this is our main way of raising funds so far.
  • If you can afford the price of a coffee each month, could you make a small monthly donation on Patreon . It would be a dream to fund the project from hundreds of little donations from the community, on top of doing our paid workshops, rather than rely on big funding organisations.
More Links from the Meeting
Awesome Liverpool give lots of money away every month to awesome ideas to make Liverpool more awesome – see their website
LAB Liverpool also gave the winner 6 months free membership of their co-working space – see their website for more information
Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs – gave free coaching to help some of the pitchers to fine tune their pitches, and provide a range of services to help young people to unlock their creativity. Visit their website for more info
Choir with no Name – for homeless people - practices at the Bluecoat, needs helpers to make meals
People Power Forum – empowering the Grassroots – October 25th See Eventbrite for details and booking
A series of lightning talks on issues around people power and grassroots growth. Come and hear from local leaders on issues concerning you.
World Wide Wednesday is a new international network and monthly gathering.that meets on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at Avenue HQ, Mann Island – check their Eventbrite page to connect
Please note:- I am happy to do a section every month of groups seeking funding for their projects. Please send them in !! I think it works out better if you state what you want to do or get, rather than asking for a sum of money that you want to spend.
Could we make other improvements to the way that groups in need can get access to potential donors ??
Climate Change
Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion
Another fortnight of Extinction Rebellion events thas just started !! please follow social media for more info. I expect there will also be a major Climate Strike
Greenpeace Petition. There is a new Greenpeace petition demanding detailed actions from the Government on climate change (instead of their vague intention to do more)
For example, there is a video connected to this campaign that covering 0.3% of the UK land suface with solar panels would solve the problem ! This would be about 3,000 square miles, which sounds a lot, but there are plenty of south-facing roofs and hillsides !
Climate change: UN panel signals red alert on 'Blue Planet' -  BBC article

Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you – you have stolen my dreams and my childhood' - video – Guardian report with video of the magnificent speech by Greta Thunberg at the UN
315 billion-tonne iceberg breaks off Antarctica BBC Report
Iceberg insists it can thrive on its own after winning referendum to leave Antarctica from Newsthump
Where do Greenhouse Gases come from ? – Information is Beautiful graphic (see photo above) – for more see their Facebook page

Ireland to Plant 440 Million Trees in 20 Years to Fight Climate Change internet article

Plastics, recycling, zero waste
Repair Café
The next Repair Café is on Sunday 27th October see the Facebook event for more details
It’s from 11am to 3pm. DoES is 1st Floor, The Tapestry, 68 - 76 Kempston St, L3 8HL Liverpool
If you have sewing to do , you might like to pin it up in advance so the experts can just run it through the sewing machine. There are skilled people for electronics repair, and good help for furniture and gluing, and also for re-making pieces with 3D printing.
The first Repair Cafe was at DoES on Sunday 30th September, and it was a great success - there was a really good buzz of repairing, making, and new ideas and initiatives.
(I had 24 “likes” for my photos on Facebook, so there is a real demand and need for this –  and I don’t think it’s because my photos were brilliant !).

Plastic Playgroup
The next Plastic Playgroup is on Sunday 13th October, 1 to 4pm at DoES

A Million Stars - on Facebook
Collected loads of abandoned stuff at Creamfields Festival, and has now delivered the irst load of sleeping bags etc to Liverpool based ‘Paper Cup Project' who are working to tackle street homelessness within the city !
Still working their way through all the other stuff too …… They’ve got a new shed to store it !!!
And, they nearly got to their stretched crowd-funding target of £6,000, so now they can go ahead and buy the sewing machines they need to turn the tents into useful and saleable products

‘I gave away our stuff’: the minimalists doing more with less
Growing numbers of people, partly inspired by Marie Kondo, are ditching consumerism for a simpler life – Guardian article


Photo (above) of a nice milk dispenser – It's in a shop in Wales - you can buy a glass bottle, fill it, and keep bringing it back – can be used for vegetable milks too !!

Oxfam opens 'superstore' charity shop in Oxford can we have one too ?? BBC report

Food, Nature and Gardening
Agrivoltaics and growing food - Kelp forests
Pea power: Can the humble crop save the planet? Interesting BBC report on pea protein (peas fix nitrogen, so they can be a better crop to grow than soya)

Save Sussex's magical kelp forests  - Kelp forests off the coast of Sussex are suffering from trawling - I never heard of these before (see photo above) – BBC video

Urban Forest - Football stadium in Austria is converted into a (temporary) urban forest – 3 min Facebook video

Ireland to Plant 440 Million Trees in 20 Years to Fight Climate Change – internet article

Order you Rimrose Valley Calendar for 2020 now for £5 each – see their website

YOE 2019 LCR is still going strong – please see their site for events

Solar panels pair surprisingly well with tomatoes, peppers and pollinators - In 'agrivoltaics,' crops and solar panels not only share land and sunlight, but also help each other function more efficiently. See photo above – internet article

How to make wood fire baked sweet chestnut bread Low Impact article

How to store apples over the winter: a brief guide – Low Impact article

Why community farms are such a good idea: Alice Brown of Sutton Community Farm (Part 1) – Low Impact article
The future of community-supported agriculture: Alice Brown of Sutton Community Farm (Part 2) – Low Impact article

September forage of the month with Ruby Taylor – Low Impact article

Turn your grapes into wine with help from OrganicLea – Low Impact article

Local News and Events
Mental Health & Well-Being Conference – October 9th, 10am
Especially about mental health and resilience in the workplace – at the Brink, Eventbrite booking please


Dark Days – film screening and post-film discussion at 7pm on October 11th
Organised by Humanize Me, at Metal at Edge Hill Station
Director Marc Singer spent time with an a group of people who made their home in the relative safety of a subway tunnel. What emerges is a picture of people slowly trying to get back on their feet and, in some cases, succeeding. By donation – Facebook event


Liverpool Horror Club – The Dead of Night Film Festival – all weekend, 12th and 13th October at Make North Docks  -  See Facebook event for more details

YOE 2019 LCR is still going on – please see their site for events

Faiths4Change at St Michael's in the city (between Duke St and the Baltic Triangle, L1). They put on lots of activities every week - community food market/ free community meal / drop in sessions (cooking, craft, mindfulness and more) on a Monday and two drop in gardening groups on a Thursday - Gardening for all and a City and guilds level 1 course. See their Facebook page for more details and more news

Lantern of Life Festival – make a lit-up lantern at Birkenhead Park Visitor’s Centre – Thursday October 24th, 7 to 9 pm. There is a small charge for materials

People Power Forum – empowering the Grassroots – 9.30am to 1.30, 25th October at the Black-E See Eventbrite for details
A series of lightning talks on issues around people power and grassroots growth. Come and hear from local leaders on issues concerning you.

World Wide Wednesday is a new international network and monthly gathering.that meets on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at Avenue HQ, Mann Island – check their Eventbrite page to connect

Repair Café
The next Repair Café will be on Sunday 27th October see the Facebook event for more details
It’s from 11am to 3pm. DoES is 1st Floor, The Tapestry, 68 - 76 Kempston St, L3 8HL Liverpool

Workshops, Courses and Trainings
Make Liverpool - visit their website or Facebook page for a number of workshops and courses:-
Drink and Draw – life drawing session at Make North Docks – Facebook event (may be sold out)
Introduction to Woodworking – making a toolbox, Sat 26th October at Make North Docks – Facebook event
Winter Arkade, in Regent St. with Make North Docks and the Incredible Wind Factory – Sat December 1stFacebook event
 Introduction to Sewing: Make your own 'Little Black Dress' 4th Nov for 4 weeks, at the Baltic Social – Facebook event – cost is about £90 for all materials and training

Creative Futures Coures starting Tuesday 15th October at John Archer Hall, 3 hours per week for 10 weeks – some places still available for this FREE course – see Facebook for details

Qigong - The Microcosmic Orbit new 10-week workshop at the Brink, starts 10th October, 5.30pm, for 10 weeks. Are you aware that you have an internal energy system you are able to access and utilise for greater health and vitality? Costs £40 - see Facebook event for more details
Full Moon Drumming and Dancing Workshop
– October 13th – FREE for unwaged with Earth Moves – Facebook event

Radical Wholeness Weekend Workshop - Liverpool, UK – 16th November
With Phil Shepherd - see his website for more details including costs and qualifications gained - Facebook event



Order you Rimrose Valley Calendar for 2020 now for £5 each – see their website

Metro Mayor calls for ‘revolution’ in walking and cycling across Liverpool City Region as he confirms investment for new foot and bike routes. news report (Unfortunately the £16million funding starting next year is only a small start to the “revolution”)

First new Mersey ferries in 60 years approved  - BBC report

John McDonnell announces interest free loans for electric cars – from the Labour Party website

Getting back on a bike after ten years (Low-impact & the city 14)– Low Impact article

Politics, etc.
Radical visions of future government, or what will Government look like in 2030 ? - NESTA report

Shifting power, supporting communities and reshaping public services
How five local authority innovators are plugging citizens back in. – NESTA report

Locked Out: How Britain keeps people homeless - 94% of rented homes are too expensive for families on housing benefit – web article

Buy a Radical Present – Radical Tea Towels have some great gifts, including this John Donne tea towel for Brexit - visit their website

France bans children from using mobile phones at schoolinternet article

New Thought

Leading in a Climate Changed World – a series of videos
50 min video with Jem Bendell, Author of Deep Adaptation - link to New Story Hub

40 min video with Joanna Macy - As Joanna turns 90 years old, with absolutely no intention of slowing down, she takes us on an inspirational journey, discussing leadership and how it has been represented in the context of environmental issues, and how she feels leaders must act to prevent climate disaster. - link to New Story Hub

Blessed Unrest: A Soundtrack for Social Change 5 min video by Zo Tobi on New Story Hub

The End of the Roman Empire Wasn’t That Bad - Maybe the end of the American one won’t be either. – internet article

Design follows worldview and worldview follows design  - online article by Daniel Christian Wahl

Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born? Guardian article

Science confirms: Dancing makes you happy internet article

Self-care isn’t enough – we need community care to survive internet article

Science NewsRights of Nature
From New Scientist, 28th September, p20.
We are all familiar with Human Rights nowadays, even though some of the rights are ignored in some counties, but they work fairly well in other places, for example the US Declaration of Independence established a person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nation states also have clearly established rights over their territories, and Trade Unions also have rights. However, especially in America, companies and corporations seem to have won a similar set of rights for themselves – they have a sort of “legal personhood”, and they exist as legal entities.
In the face of widespread environmental degredation, several nations have begun to grant legal rights to the environment, in particular rivers. For example
  • Bangladesh has granted all 700 of its rivers legal personhood
  • Bolivia and Ecuador have given blanket protection rights to their ecosystems (though this is not yet well implemented)
  • India has done given similar protection to the Yamuna and Ganges rivers
  • In New Zealand the Whanganui River has been given legal personhood, and they are working to extend this to the forests and mountains
  • Lake Erie has been “protected as a person” by the residents of Toledo
However, the case of Lake Erie is where the problems start, and the case is working its way through the American courts – there are claims that this infringes the rights of several corporate agricultural businesses, whose run-offs are creating algal blooms in the lake.
Despite this, it seem like a strategy with the potential to work better then regulatory methods, which seem to always struggle to keep up.
It’s hard to see any reason why the environment should have any different rights to the corporates and other utilizers of the environment !
Modern stained glass window - aerial view of the Auroville community in India

About Transition Liverpool
The main Transition Liverpool event is the monthly “Transition Café” which is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  Every October we put on a full-day Gathering or Symposium. Our main concerns are to help create a “soft-landing” rather than a crash as fuel supplies fall and demand rises, and also as the effects of climate change increase. Transition is a development model for “advanced” societies to help us create better and more fulfilled lives for all, while using less resources.
We are part of the Transition Network, and Transition Town West Kirby are also very active. Our local Liverpool website is here, and our Facebook page is here. 
Some of the main Transition publications are available online for free download - the original Transition Handbook, and the more recent Essential Guide to doing Transition .
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