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Transition Liverpool Newsletter, December 2018
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Christmas Gift suggestions
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Transition Liverpool
Transition Café
Transition Cafe: Wednesday 12th December 6.30-8.30pm. This will be our winter get-together - a light-hearted evening among friends - as we continue to meet to support and learn from each other on our journey from oil dependency towards a more sustainable future. There will be the usual food, soup and other warming winter contributions from 6.30 pm.
During the evening we will informally celebrate some of our achievements over the last year and reflect on our next steps. We look forward to seeing those of you who are able to come.

Transition Meetups
 Come along and say hello, talk about transition, do networking – let us know what you are doing (or what you’d like to do), hear about similar projects, discuss how to do things better, ....... and we'll tell you what we are doing. Sometimes we also just have a cup of tea and chatter !
Everyone welcome ! (we may also talk about our pet topics of co-operatives and co-housing, but not quite all the time !)
Meeting each time at The Brink, 15-21 Parr Street, from 4pm to 6pm
13th December
20th  December
3rd  January 2019
10th January

Report on the November meeting
Our November meeting was about “Plastics and Recycling”, and it featured 3 excellent speakers
  • Emily Gleaves from “Waste Not Want Not”, her zero-waste shop in Birkenhead Market. Emily also organises EcoBricks North West
  • Arthur Rowland from “Plastic Tactics” who are developing machinery for recycling plastic
  • Julie Ann Parker from “Million Stars” who recycle tents from festivals, also chairs, and if the tents are damaged they make fashion items from the waste material
There are videos of each of the talks:-
Julie Anne
Many thanks to Jackie Pease who has uploaded the talks to the DoES YouTube channel.
We hope to set up a Facebook group to add more info later (sorry – I got distracted and didn’t do this yet)
We’ll usually also have a section of the newsletter devoted to this – we keep on discovering more recycling and zero-waste projects locally, and want to keep you informed of that.

Other Transition Groups
Transition Waterloo - Facebook
They have an ecobrick workshop at an event in the Baltic Triangle on Sunday 9th December - Facebook event
Transition Town St Helens - Facebook  Has just started
West Kirby Transition Town - Facebook
Transition Network – the main national website for Transition

Co-Housing Group report
 Our Core Group is now meeting fortnightly. We’ve worked out our “Vision and Values” statement, and we’ll soon be having a Consensus Workshop, so that we’ll be able to choose the best method of consensus for each of the situations we face. Then we’ll be able to press on with setting up the framework of agreements about how we will live, and how to move forward. When that is done, we’ll have a clear prospectus to show to new members (not to mention architects, funders, etc.). Until then, we feel that the need to keep the group closed and do this work with the existing 9 Core Group members.

Community Housing Hub
Power to Change will be formally opening its Community-led Housing Programme early in the new year to support local communities are creating well-built, future proof homes designed around the needs of local people.  This will include a hub on Merseyside. - website

Homes England  are the funding agency for this – they have a massive budget to sort out the housing crisis - website
Other organisations will join the hub as it develops to provide an essential service to groups building any type of community housing
Community Led Housing Think Tank: Unlocking the Potential of Community Building
29-30 January 2019 at Trafford Hall in Manchester - website
This is a training in how the Community Housing fund works

Community Housing on Merseyside
 Merseyside is home to some of the “poster child” community housing projects in the UK
Granby 4 Streets. Was founded by community action – refusing to accept the demolition of good houses. It is structured as a Community Land Trust - website
Housing People, Building Community have done several projects locally using an interesting combination of sweat equity and shared ownership. It is a Charity - website
Eldonian Village is a community-based housing association, where the pre-existing communities in Vauxhall refused to be split up and insisted on remaining in the area where they had always lived - website
There are also the famous £1 houses, and many historic examples of housing projects in the area, ranging from Port Sunlight to the 1960’s new towns of Kirby and Skelmersdale. There is a lot to learn from all these developments.

Co-Housing Links
Temporary Housing is being used to solve the housing problems in Rotterdam
(except these are well designed, really nice, can be moved, and are truly temporary) – online article

Scoraig off-grid community - BBC video report on this isolate community in Scotland
Co-op Pension Fund to invest up to £50 million in social housing – article

How to set up a Housing Co-operative free PDF download produced by Radical Routes

UK Homes need deep efficiency retrofit to meet climate goals.
The online report, by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Nottingham Trent University, says 26m such retrofits will be needed between now and 2050 – effectively every home in the country, at a rate of around 1.5 homes every minute.
Towards a Million Cool Roofs - A global challenge to accelerate access to sustainable cooling by re-designing roofs - NESTA report

Eco-village Pioneers – A journey towards Low Impact LivingThis is a trailer for the full video, which includes the Lammas eco-village in Wales and many others. The video can be bought or rented.

Christmas Gift suggestions
L - Radical tea towel                                            R - News from Nowhere

News from Nowhere – famous local radical and co-operative bookshop, 96 Bold St. - website

Shared Earth – Fairtrade gifts from 71 Bold St, also online

Olive Tree – Holistic shop at 61, Renshaw St.

Radical Tea Towel Company
Have some great gift ideas – tea-towels (the great British art form !), mugs, cards, etc - website

Oxfam online shop has some great gifts

Traidcraft online Fairtrade shop

Permaculture Market – helps Permaculture magazine - website

Ethos Magazine gift subscription - £20 for 4 issues - website

Granby Street Market – is the first Saturday of every month
Other shops, markets and online stores are also available !!!

Plastics, Zero-Waste and Recycling
There is an ecobrick workshop at an event in the Baltic Triangle on Sunday 9th December  - Facebook event

 Zero Con – Zero Waste Conference in Liverpool, 26-27th January 2019, at Make, North Docks, Liverpool
Facebook Event with Free Tickets - booking required
It includes a Zero-Waste Trade Fair and other workshops and events including:-
Make Natural Soaps from Native Plants, 26th January 2019, at Make, North Docks, Liverpool - Facebook event
How to repair clothes, 26th January 2019, at Make, North Docks, Liverpool - Facebook event

ReciproCity Wirral collect hundreds of tins of paint every week and upcycle them.
A huge range of colours and types is on sale at £1.20 per litre - website and  Facebook

MerseyCycle – recycles bicycles from all sources - website
NEXT SALE : Sunday 9th December between 1-3pm at Court Hey Park, Knowsley. Bikes range from £15.00-£200.00 come along on the day and grab a Christmas bargain.

Why pyrolysis and ‘plastic to fuels’ is not a solution to the plastics problem - Low Impact article

The Plastic Backlash – Guardian Article

Britain's first plastic-free supermarket zones open (or at least, there are plastic free zones) – Telegraph article
Thornton Budgens in Belsize Park has converted more than 1,700 product lines to non-plastic packaging over the past 10 weeks, part of a journey that promises to take the store “virtually plastic-free” within three years.

Plastic, waste and recycling from Green Bullet
  • Local authorities spend an estimated £700 million annually on collecting and treating packaging waste, but the businesses producing the packaging contributed just £73 million last year to reprocessing the recycling.
  • New research from Friends of the Earth suggests that vehicle tyres and synthetic clothing are the biggest sources of micro-plastic pollution in the UK, and calls for a much deeper and further-reaching government strategy to tackle plastic pollution.
  • A roadmap to help UK businesses tackle the global plastic waste problem has been published, aligned with the targets of the UK Plastics Pact, the deal signed by 68 UK businesses to curb plastic waste. On the same day, new, “most comprehensive” ever research shows that British supermarkets are still not doing anywhere near enough to reduce their plastic footprint.
  • Data from CPRE’s “Clean Green” litter picks this autumn clearly shows that current recycling collection methods are failing. They will now be using this evidence to call on the government to create a well-designed deposit return system that includes bottles and cans of all materials and all sizes – not the limited system that drinks companies are lobbying for. Anything less, and our countryside will continue to be blighted by discarded drinks containers
Ecobricks Community North West - Facebook page
Has now nearly reached 2,000 members – it was just over 100 a month ago !!
NEW !! Zero Waste Collective mobile app. – where to drop off eco-bricks, local zero waste businesses, beach clean-ups, shopping rewards, etc.
Search for Zero Waste on your favourite app store or visit this Facebook page for a video

Ecobricks UK - - Facebook page
Now at nearly 39,000 members, up 6,000 in a month. There is a huge amount of information and advice on both these pages

Dealing with Plastic in Indonesia - good video, includes some ecobricks

Refill zero-waste shop  - Is at Windmill Wholefoods, and also at many local markets around the city ! Facebook page

How to make a bin-liner out of newspaper - Facebook video

Gardening, Nature, Permaculture
Most of Britain’s small mammals - Video from camera traps from the Mammal Society

Introduction to Permaculture – free online course beginning in spring from Oregon State University - website

Spiralseed have some excellent courses “positive solutions for regenerative futures” - website
A Beginners Guide to Forest Gardening – new book

The Landworker’s Alliance and others are campaigning to amend the Agriculture Bill so that it will include local food and agroecology - website

The Battle for the Future of FarmingResilience article

How can Permaculture contribute to building a new economy? Conversation with Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association - Low Impact article

The Wool Journey – part 12 – Spinning at Last - Low Impact article

Why natural soap is naturally better, for your skin and for the planet - Low Impact article

How to make your own natural paint with milk - Low Impact article

Bound to fail: The flawed scientific foundations of agricultural genetic engineering (part 1) - report

Westvale Wild Garden in Knowsley has been created by young people from a Merseyside youth club and is now a haven for nature - report

Megacity in India uses nature to process its sewage Facebook video of Kolkota wetlands


Study: The More Trees We’re Surrounded By, The Lower Our Stress Levels - article

New York has mapped all its trees and calculated the economic benefits of each one - article

Wildflowers and Bees boost Courgette crop by 39%, research shows - report
We need to bring back the wildwoods of Britain to combat climate change – Guardian article

Green Roofs can help to combat climate change – 2min video

The Brink - on Facebook
Christmas at the Brink
CHRISTMAS PARTY - Fri Dec 14th 7-11pm
SANTA'S GROTTO - Sat Dec 15th 12-3pm
Welfare advice, every Monday, 12noon to 3pm
Meditation at the Brink – every Friday, 9am to 10.
Peace, quiet, calm, silence. Meditation every Friday 9am. Make that special bit of time for yourself to come away from the compulsive, unhelpful thoughts. Sets you up for the weekend
Guitar Lessons, various standards on different days

Earth Moves - on Facebook
Introduction to Local Environmentalism Volunteering
Wednesday, 12 December 2018 from 13:00-15:00
New Brighton Community Centre,  1, Hope St, New Brighton -  Facebook event

Next to Nowhere - website
Every Saturday from 12noon – vegan kitchen, good food by donation - events calendar
Also People’s Kitchen is Friday 21st  December

A Million Stars - Facebook page 
Sack trucks for sale !!! (all of which have only been lightly used) priced from £15-£40 email for more information

Transition Waterloo - Facebook page
We CAN Ecobrick at One Sacred Sunday – Transition Waterloo and CAN Waterloo will be there - Facebook event
Sunday from 2.30 to 5pm, at District, 61 Jordan St, L1 0BW

St John’s Rd Christmas Party. Could you volunteer to help on Monday 17th December – please comment below the entry on their Facebook page. It’s from 5 to 8.30pm - Facebook event

Arts, Crafts, Videos
L - Wirral Transport Museum -                                    R - Shed decorated with Bottle tops

Time-lapse video of Scotland - YouTube video

Techno Mix Christmas track and lights - Facebook video

Mindful People Community – The big mindful meditation – Facebook event, £10
Monday December 17th, The Old School House, Huyton

Wirral Transport Museum and Heritage Tramway on Facebook
Trams from the Woodside Ferry to the Museum every Saturday and Sunday. Great for kids of all ages ! (see photo above)

A Time Tour of Liverpool - Facebook video shifts between then and now

Arts Hub presents Conspiracise – event on 30th January where you are invited to share your favourite conspiracy theories - Facebook event,

How they make an artists sable brush Facebook video

Palestinian History TapestryFacebook video

Another use for bottle tops (in Russia ??) - see photo above

Local Campaigns and Events
£115,000 waste prevention fund for Merseyside and Halton community groups
- funding from Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and the Veolia Community Fund - website

2030 Sustainable Development Goals Game
– Thursday, 13 December 2018 from 13:00-16:00 at the School of Social Entrepreneurs NW, Blackburne Place, Liverpool L8 7PE – Facebook Event
A multiplayer, card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030.
The game sees participants working together and in groups. Exploring how the world can achieve sustainability goals.
Will you create a prosperous, fair and sustainable world?

RIBA North Stirling Prize Exhibition is on until 23rd February at 21 Mann Island - website

Professor Brian Cox Live at the Echo Arena, 21st February - Facebook Event
Save Bixteth St Gardens website – these lovely garden are under threat (behind the former Exchange Station)

Stop The Sale of Calderstones Park - it’s under threat from Redrow revelopers – online petition

Granby Street Market – is the first Saturday of every month

The High Tidiers – West Kirby beach cleaning team
Sunday 9th December 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Sunday 13th January 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)
Saturday 26th January 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Mariner's Column (Meet at the Mariner's Column on Column Road)

Climate Change and Alternative Energy
Greenhouse gas levels at a new record high BBC report

World Bank is to invest $200bn to combat climate change Guardian Article

The World is at a Crossroads with Climate Change – Sir David Attenborough and climate chiefs warn - BBC report

EU aims to be Climate Neutral by 2050BBC report
President Trump claims he has “a natural instinct for science” when it comes to climate change - report  

London Climate March: It’s about time – for solutions! – blog from CAT
Paul Allen shared CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain solutions with the many hundreds of deeply committed climate active citizens who braved the rain on Saturday the 1st of December to march together on Downing Street.

Be part of keeping UK community-owned wind power alive - Low Impact article

University of Liverpool. Campaign and petition for the University to divest from fossil fuel investments
Report from the Student Guild President that the University has now divested from the arms trade, and also from coal tar sands - report

Bristol plans to be Carbon Neutral by 2030Guardian article

Ambitious Climate Change target proposed for Manchester Council website
They propose to become zero carbon by 2038 – they are first UK local authority to make a commitment like this !
They also promise to phase out fossil fuels in 20 years – news report

Spain plans to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050 report
Sorry we missed it, we’ll try to keep up in fuuture – Fossil-free national day of action was on November 21st

The SCAN tool explores links between global warming and the SDG’s - article

International News
UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion launched by Stella McCartney – Guardian article

Global Compact for Migration meets in Marrakesh, 10 – 11th December – This is a UN Intergovernmental Conference - website
There are an estimated 258 million international migrants in the world, and the circumstances of their migration are varied and complex. The Global Compact for Migration establishes an international framework for migration and addresses the rights of migrants as well as the concerns of governments and local populations. It provides a unifying framework of principles, commitments, and understandings that benefit all stakeholders, but especially migrants, whose human rights and security are most at stake.

How the EU is causing problems for the ‘Preston Model’ of local, non-corporate procurement - Low Impact article

Wellbeing and Health
Live Well Directory for all sorts of social care needs in the Liverpool City Region (over 3000 entries !!) - website

Wellbeing Enterprises, based in Runcorn – encourage well-being in all sorts of ways throughout the region !! - website

If your benefits are stopped and you have no money, you can go to the local council and ask for the Nil Income Form. You need to ask for this form specifically and then they will help. - website

Environment and Waste
Marine Conservation Society’s 25th Great British Beach Clean - Record numbers help clean up - Low Impact article

Extinction Rebellion on Facebook – has events in Manchester and London, videos of recent actions, etc.

Copenhagen is the world’s most cycle-friendly cityFacebook video

The UK's first pagan burial ground in 5,000 years. The owner is told he must pay business rates as a 'storage unit' – Telegraph article (it’s in Devizes, Wiltshire)
L - Pagan Burial Chamber                                       R - Pachamama Alliance

New Thought, etc
Trailing the Gods Home8 minute movie – interview with Martin Shaw

Next Economy Now – Charles Eisenstein - 1 hour movie (advert and intro for first 3.40 mins)

Finding Hope in Hopelessness by Margaret Wheatley - article

Five Buddhist Practices to help tackle Climate Change – Lama Willa B Miller (I think she might be American) - article

Pachamama Alliance – bridging the indigenous and modern worlds – website and many events (the picture above is for a tour to the Amazon)

Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining), of the Diné nation, is featured in this 100 minute video

Being a process, and seeing in relationships -  Daniel Christian Wahl – article

Finance for a Regenerative World by John Fullerton – four part article with videos

Thich Nhat Hanh explains the term ‘To Inter-Be’1 minute video

Spiral Dynamics – more about Spiral dynamics - website
Register here for a free introduction to an online course starting soon
Spiral Dynamics is a data-based, psychological approach to understanding worldviews or systems of thinking held by individuals, organisations and societies. It is concerned with:
how people to respond to the world around them in given circumstances and with their particular coping abilities (rather than categorising people as ‘types’)
how people think about things (conceptualisation), rather than what they think about (concepts) – for example, is their thinking binary and absolutist (‘if it’s not black, then it must be white’), or do they acknowledge and seem comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty?
Asks complex questions about change including ‘HOW should WHO lead WHOM to do WHAT and WHEN?’

We Need an Ecological Civilisation before it’s too lateblog by Patterns of Meaning

Shed A Light: Rupert Read – This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done? – 70 minute YouTube video of a talk

Towards Ecological Democracy – two articles
Part 1 and Part 2

Nesta’s 2019 predictions: the shock of the ‘new normal’ - website
From RoboLawyers to City Brains ……. This year we’re looking at ideas, technologies or trends which are making the leap from the realm of the ridiculous to the ‘new normal’. Can we still redirect their path?
Share Town is a fictional town - Article
Our fictional town and its cast of characters sets out an unashamedly positive vision of a preferred future in which interactions between citizens and local government are balanced and collaborative, and data and digital platforms are deployed for public benefit rather than private gain.
In this future, government plays a plurality of roles, working closely with local people to understand their needs, how these can best be met and by whom. Provided with new opportunities to connect and collaborate with others, individuals and households are free to navigate, combine and contribute to different services as they see fit.
15 great fundraising ideas for schools - article
Rocket Fund is a crowdfunding platform for schools; since we set out on our mission two years ago, we’ve supported over 250 school fundraising projects. On the way, we’ve seen some really imaginative fundraising ideas that we wanted to share with you.
Edinburgh Tool Library - article
Edinburgh Tool Library is piloting a new service, 'Easy Sharing', delivering tools and equipment to new library borrowers in their own neighbourhoods.
Drone Swarms and Digital Shamans: five takeaways from Ars Electronica 2018 - NESTA report

The coming crash, and why co-ops are so important: Mark Simmonds of Co-op Culture - Low Impact article

Europe: it’s time to end the growth dependency - Low Impact article

Why Growth can’t be Green - article

Sustainability is not enough, we need regenerative cultures - article

Are you ready to consider that capitalism is the real problem article (Americans struggle with this, I think)

Science News
Brain Tingles. New Scientist had an interesting article about this on 3rd November, p35.
The effect is officially called ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) which is the name that has stuck to it. It is generally thought of as similar to synaesthesia. There are numerous online ASMR communities
This is the video that may have started it all off.
It shows a lady who is folding towels in a slow way that is both visual and sensory, and she slowly and quietly whispers about what she is doing.

Other people get the effect better from watching artists mixing paint or painting, especially if the brush makes some quiet noise. Fish tank movies may have the same effect. Slow movements and whispering seem to be the key. Different people respond differently to different types of video.
Apparently about 60% of people “get” the effect – which often starts as a tingling sensation originating towards the back of the scalp, often extending down the neck and towards the shoulders.
For people who get the effect, their heart rate reduces when they watch a suitable video, and also their skin conductance increases, which indicates increased emotional arousal – it seems that ASMR is a complex emotional experience, and some people even talk of having a type of “brain orgasm”.
Obviously, exponents are setting up new video channels to improve the experience of watchers, and scientists are trying to work out what is happening in the brain / body / feeling systems.
More about the effect from Wikipedia
Artist of the Month
Sitalias  - it’s difficult to find anything out about this French artist, but he has a good website !

About Transition Liverpool
The main Transition Liverpool event is the monthly “Transition Café” which is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We also have a Meetup every week at the Brink on Thursdays from 4pm till 6, which gives more space for discussion and connecting in a more personal way. There is an Energy Group, and every October we put on a full-day Symposium. Our main concerns are to help create a “soft-landing” rather than a crash as fuel supplies fall and demand rises, and also as the effects of climate change increase. Transition is a development model for “advanced” societies to help us create better and more fulfilled lives for all, while using less resources.
We are part of the Transition Network, and Transition Town West Kirby are also very active. Our local Liverpool website is here, and our Facebook page is here. 
Some of the main Transition publications are available online for free download - the original Transition Handbook, and the recent Essential Guide to doing Transition .

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