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Vaxxer or Non-Vaxxer, Where is The Joy?

A highly divisive issue right now is whether you're vaccinated or you're not vaccinated, whether you are a so-called 'vaxxer' or a 'non-vaxxer'.

I was wondering, where is the joy in all of this? How can we find joy at the end of this very divisive issue?

At first I thought, if I use my intellectual prowess and I tell people about what I'm thinking, and I come from a place of knowledge and understanding, in my opinion, and I talked to them nicely, they would come over to my side of the argument. But I was astounded to see that was an utter failure.

So I was stuck, wondering how can we get to a place of joy beyond this issue? And you know what? I found a simple graphic on Facebook that really summed it up for me. 


I adopted this. Whenever someone wants to talk about whether you’re vaxxed or not vaxxed, I just simply say, “I'm not willing to go there. You can tell me what you are and I will tell you what side of the fence I am on, and we can just share that information. But I'm not going to enter into any conversation, any discussion, any studies or whatever. We're just simply going to agree to disagree.

I'm worried about you. I'm worried about our relationship. I want to keep that relationship going. I love you and I want us to stay above this issue, because I've seen it rip up families, I've seen it rip up congregations. Even leadership teams and businesses are struggling with this and I do not want us to go that route.”

Until next week, and remember this week, steer clear of any divisive conversations. Whether you're vaxxed or whether you're not vaxxed.
That’s where you’ll find the joy.
I hope you found this useful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.

Best wishes,
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