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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Dear <<First Name>>,

There I was, in the off-leash dog park with our puppy . . and I was on my phone. There was joy all around me of dogs playing and people interacting and yet, I was miles away, answering emails, making business calls, after an exhausting day. All the joy was passing me by, until our little puppy came to me and scratched on my leg and I was taken out of my reverie. 

I realized I'm always talking to the people in my groups and I warn them against these “weapons of mass distraction” - our phones, our laptops, all these technological devices that take our attention away. We're like that fourth little ape that we see these days being portrayed - of the first one that sees no evil, the second one that hears no evil, the third one that speaks no evil - and the fourth one sitting on his phone, oblivious to the whole world. We are becoming that fourth ape. And I was in that specific place. 

So the puppy jolted me out of this. I put my phone down, and I was part of the joy and I could throw the ball and be with the people. So I want to warn you against these “weapons of mass distraction”. We have to be vigilant so that we can live our lives, enjoy our lives, and not be oblivious to all the joy around us as it passes us by, because why? -  we're doing things on our phones.
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Best wishes,
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