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The energy we bring can either drain or inspire people we meet. This week we look at the opportunity we have as leaders, to make a difference.

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“To SAP or to ZAP?”, that is the question
We all bring our energy into any room we enter, be it a physical room or a virtual space.

As leaders it comes with the added responsibility that we have influence over the people in that room and determine what the weather is going to be like in that room. If we arrive on a thundercloud, guess what: pretty soon the thunderbolts will start clapping. If we rain on every parade, the whole room will soon be dumped into doom and gloom. If we bring sunshine and light, the energy will be lifted and the people will be happier and work so much better together. 

I was reminded about this the last week in two instances, one negative and one positive.

Estelle, my wife,  and I were returning from a walk on a beautiful sunny Fall day when we heard our names called. It was our neighbours sitting on a bench. We didn’t recognize them because both had masks on. She took hers off to talk to us, was friendly, positive and welcoming. Big smiles. Nice laughter. He was the opposite. He kept his mask on, despite the fact that we were outside to begin with and also six feet away. I don’t think he ever smiled; couldn’t tell. He certainly didn’t laugh once. He was lamenting everything about the pandemic and how it was changing his life and how it never was going to be the same again. When I asked about the brand new floor they had put into their condo, to try and change the subject, she was animated and excited. It was a beautiful floor! All he could mention was that there were two places where the boards did not align one hundred percent.

When we left, both of us felt drained. His negativity had sucked all the joy out of our conversation. This negative energy stayed with me for a couple of days. It is true that it is easy to start suffering from the negativity virus! I found myself having to work hard not to succumb.  

The exact opposite happened for me in the business context. It was a memorable day for me when my Board of Advisors met for the first time. These are very smart CEOs and executives, running multi-million businesses, managing hundreds of staff who were kind enough to agree to invest their time and effort in me and what we are doing. I felt humbled and was filled with immense gratitude. Their feedback, encouragement and, above all, their challenges left me feeling uplifted, supported, energized and scared, all at the same time. They did not hold back! I could not wait to get started to implement what I had learnt. They had zapped me with their positive vibes!

When you enter a room, a conversation, a relationship, do you suck the life out of it? Are you a sapper?

Or do you arrive with energy and enthusiasm, invigorating and inspiring all around? Are you a zapper of people?

We need all the zapping we can possibly get right now. Let’s all be zappers and bring joy all around! Soon the joy will be yours every day!

I hope you found this helpful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, FaceBook or YouTube.

Thank you. Until next week! Let’s go zap some people!

Thank you. Until next week!
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