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The “L” Word,  Joy And The Workplace
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Do you think it is wise, even appropriate, to tell someone in a workplace setting you love them?

If you’d asked me this before COVID, my answer would have been no. But things changed. Drastically.

We got disconnected. First physically. Overnight we found ourselves in little blocks on the computer screen, talking to others in little blocks of their own. We coped as best we could. We even became more productive in certain ways. But socially and psychologically we became disconnected. Over time, this became really tough for most people. Many withdrew more and more. Mental health started to suffer. This was not good.

But what can we as leaders do when you see your people suffering? 

The obvious way is to show you care. To ask how you can help. To show your concern. But you know what stops people in their tracks, what cuts through all the disconnect and reach the heart? It can only be love.

And yes it has become appropriate and definitely wise to tell those you care about that you love them. Now you have to be wise in how you do it, otherwise your intentions may be misconstrued. I teach my clients that there are four types of love:
  1. Eros love – the passionate love of the lover
  2. Philia love – the love of friends and equals
  3. Storge love – the love of family
  4. Agape love – the love of mankind

So, when I reach out to a male colleague and say that I love him like a brother, or to a female that I love her like a sister, I am able to bridge the gap of disconnect. 

Recently, as an overnight homework assignment for the MacKay retreats, we challenged the members to overnight let five people in their lives know that they love them, and, wait for it,  two of the five had to be work colleagues. You should have seen their faces when I announced the homework. There was some hesitation, but pretty much everyone tried it and you should have seen their shining faces the next morning when they reported back. They were blessed beyond measure not just by getting the task done, but most of all by the love wishes that came back. 

I hope you found this helpful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.
Thank you. Until next week! Remember to use the “L” word, and use it wisely!
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