Dear <<First Name>>,
What weather do you bring
into the room?
When we enter a room, whether a physical or virtual room, or even a new day we enter when we open our eyes, we can choose what weather we bring. 
If we show up as a thundercloud, with bolts of lightning, pretty soon the whole room will be full of thunder and conflict. When we come as a rain cloud, and rain on everyone’s parade, pretty soon the room will be wet and miserable and people will withdraw to get away from all that criticism. When we decide to show up with sunshine and joy, and zap everyone with our energy, pretty soon the room will be full of energy, optimism and joy!

Our emotions are contagious. We need to remember this at all times.

As leaders, this becomes so much more important. It becomes our responsibility. The weather we bring today will become the climate of our tomorrows. Consistently brought over time, how we show up today will become the culture of how we lead and what our teams experience.

So, let’s choose sunshine and joy! Let's open every door with a smile on our face! Let’s enter every room with joy in our heart!

Let’s all practice it this week.
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Thank you and best wishes,
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