Pandemic Gift Wrap
Loss came first.

We all, overnight, lost many things. 

Handshakes and hugs. Conferences and concerts. Anything in crowds. Chats at the water cooler. Sports. The list goes on.

In business, jobs were lost. Sometimes entire operations had to be shut down. Careers were compromised and the old way of doing things became outdated overnight.

What did you lose? 

What are you still missing?

It may be a great idea to list those—we’ll call it your Loss List—and to discuss it with a loved one,  a trusted friend or colleague. Some of those will perhaps never be regained. They are better celebrated and let go. Acceptance will bring freedom. It may be an idea to crumple up the list and toss it!

But was it all loss?

We also had to learn to depend more on each other. We had to hunker down and face this trial together. Families got together. Old relationships were rekindled. 

Our backyard became a destination. International travel was replaced by discovering some local jewels – treasures you always knew to be there, but somehow never got to experience. 

Your Joy List will be those new gifts you find under your pandemic gift wrap.

I for sure do not miss the time I used to spend in traffic. I love being able to jump onto a Zoom call and see clients, colleagues, friends and family in full colour in seconds. I love, love, love the extra time we get to spend with family and friends. Our vacation became a staycation, we’ve visited and BBQed and paddle boarded every day. Money that would have gone into travel has improved our home and trailer. It feels like we’ll have the benefits for so much longer.

What are those gifts that the pandemic brought you?

I’d like to encourage you to write down your Pandemic Joy List and post it on your notice board or refrigerator door. Add to it every day. Celebrate it often!

As we move forward we will discover more things we’ve lost. What we knew as normal will most likely never come back. Instead of focussing on the losses, let’s celebrate the gifts!

Let’s find someone struggling with the new reality and help them find joy as well. 

It will multiply our own joy!

Best wishes,
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