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The Power Of 10%

A good friend of mine, last week handed me a copy of his book "The Ride of a Lifetime" by Robert Iger. This is the story of how this CEO of The Walt Disney Company worked and improved the pursuit of excellence in the company. He spoke about the power of 10%. How, at the end of any project, he would ask the question to himself and his team, "How can we make this project 10% better before embarking on execution?" By asking that question, it slightly pushed everyone out of their comfort zones, but it's not too overwhelming, and you can make this adjustment and make anything 10% better over time, leading to excellence. 

This reminded me of two other places in my life where 10% is really powerful for me. 

The first is with our personal money. Ever since we came to Canada 23 years ago, we could reset our finances and we decided to give a full 10%, a full tithing, at the beginning of each month before we started spending money. This freed us up with our money and we could give money to our church to do its excellent work and to favorite charities to do things that we cannot do. It gave us this abundance with our money, because whatever we had left felt free and it's still that way. We are still doing it to this day and that's really powerful by giving 10% of your money. 

The second place is really when you are working with physical fitness or health or something like that. Recently, after Christmas, and after all that lovely stuff we had over Christmas, I had to come back and start training again. And you know what, if you just use 10% increase week over week, you can incredibly increase your endurance and your strength in training. As an example, if you start walking or running 2 kilometers today, and do that for a week long and at the end of the week, just add 10% the next week. So do 2.2 kilometers the next week and carry on that way. Within one month you'll be doing 3 kilometers. Within six months, you'll be doing 20 kilometers and will you believe it after a year you'll be able to do 284 kilometers just by adding 10% every week. It's incredibly powerful!

So there you have it. I hope you found this helpful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.
See you next week and use 10% this week to gradually increase and push yourself out of your comfort zone and let's be better together. Have a great week.

Best wishes,
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