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The Joy of Stealing from the Elderly

I'm privileged to know two elderly ladies that are really great people to admire and to follow their examples. 

The first is Lillian. She's 89 years old and lives in our block. We met her in the swimming pool where she does her swimming and her exercises, every morning at six o'clock. Despite her age, she still walks to the supermarket 2 kilometers away and comes back, rain or shine, with her shopping. She's independent. She's 89. She goes for it. 

The second one is also an elderly lady, but I'll be in trouble for calling her this, as she is my mother-in-law. She's turning 87 and she still drives people around. She's always baking and cooking and being busy. She tells us that she takes care of the ‘older people’. When we check, the ‘older people’ are actually 10 years younger than her. So, an incredible example to follow. 

But what do these two ladies have in common? 

Recently, I injured my back. So my wife told me that both these ladies have a very strong morning routine, where they lie on their backs in bed and they do some exercises that strengthen their cores and their backs. By lifting your legs, lifting your knees, stretching this way, stretching that way, not incredibly difficult exercises. But because they do it every morning, it becomes a routine and their cores and their backs are strengthened. No wonder they're alive and well, despite their age and they’re doing things that people so much younger than them cannot do. 

So what did I do? 

I immediately stole their idea! 

That great habit became our habit as well. Now in the mornings my wife and I do these same exercises in bed. We get a bit of a chat in while we do our exercises and we feel great. 

So there you have it. If you see a great trait, a great habit from anyone, steal it! And steal from the elderly, that's really fun. 

See you next week, and let's all get stronger together.
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Best wishes,
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