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Sniff That Butt!

Dear <<First Name>>,

Our little puppy is now nine months old. He's fully grown at nine pounds and he's incredibly fun to watch. 

When we come to the off-leash park, he's got a strategy: he’s already spotted that big dog that he wants to befriend, but he goes in and at first he's very submissive. His tail is wagging and he's cowering down, they sniff their noses and he's very quiet and he lets the dog sort him out and sniff him and everything. 

And then, next moment, he goes in and he wants to sniff that butt, that big dog, because he wants to be friends with that dog. Once the butts are sniffed, they do their little dance and they play and they fetch the ball and he's got a new friend. 

Now, my board members are probably not going to be too pleased, when I say that this reminded me a little bit about my journey with them! These are the big dogs in our industry. They are incredibly powerful people. They are way above my league. And I thought well, I was actually challenged, to ask them to serve on my advisory board. 

When I approached them, I was astounded when they all said yes. Because you know, people of that calibre always want to help other people. They all said yes, and they're serving on my board. 

So it reminded me of this one; next time you see this big dog in your life, why don't you go in get to know them and then get closer to them, understand them. Well, proverbially, sniff their butts and make sure that they become part of your life. 

So there you have it for this week. Let's all find those big dogs, and let's go sniff those butts!
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Best wishes,
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