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Coach Bruce’s Secret

Here in our neck of the woods, ice hockey is the big sport. The Vancouver Canucks is our home team and we love them, but recently we went through a very bad patch with our team. So bad that the team was later called a ‘broken team’ and the coach was fired because the spectators and the supporters were up in arms because the team lost all their games. 

A new coach was hired. His name is Bruce Boudreau. In a very short time, he turned the whole thing around and in the last nine games, the Canucks won eight of the games and the ninth was an overtime shoot-out loss, which is not really a bad thing. 

It's amazing how this turnaround came about. Some people even said it was like a miracle. But when interviewed, Coach Bruce said the only thing he did was he came in and he saw that the players are good players. They're trying their best. He focused on that. When they did manoeuvres, he had them practice the manoeuvres that they did well before, to make them even better. He had the videographers play the videos of where they were doing things right in the past. And so they celebrated this and he built the belief in people that they can do certain things. 

That's what he says the secret is, is to prove this belief in themselves to people. Now, they're not going to be invincible all along, but they've made great strides by focusing on what's possible, and we can do the same in our lives. 

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Until next week, and remember, focus on the positive around you and focus and help those around you to focus there too. So we can build the belief that we can do what we're destined to do.
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