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How To Move From Judgement To Joy
In One Simple Step
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I recently caught myself when I was flat out judging another person. It was not good! I was firmly below the joy line!

My mind was in a negative mode and easily found evidence to support any of my criticisms against the person. I was making myself being right and the person being wrong. 

Good thing this was all happening in my mind, and I could catch myself before saying something and really harming our relationship.

Once I realized what was going on, I wondered how I could shift from this negative, judgmental place to a place of joy. 

What was the key? How could I be better?

But then I realized that it was already starting to happen. Just the fact that I stopped the negative pattern and started wondering—started using my curiosity—my mindset was already shifting. By focussing on the other person’s needs and journey, I could move to a place where I could start working to improve our relationship and support the person. We all are on this journey, called life, together after all!
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Thank you. Until next week! Whenever you find yourself is a place of judging someone, try to become curious about yourself and the other person. Soon you will shift to a much more joyful place!
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