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Have You Decided To Be Happy Yet?
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I’ve learnt that happiness is a decision. In any moment I can decide whether I am happy with what is going on, or whether my expectations are not met, and I take the route of unhappiness.

I can look at the same situation from a place of selfishness, focussed only on self-satisfaction, or I can pause for a moment and look at the bigger picture. What is there that I am learning? What is there that I can adjust? How can I be better? Immediately it will shift my mind from a place of scarcity and unhappiness to a place of possibility and happiness.

When things are really tough for me, and I find it difficult to find anything positive, I remind myself of Viktor Frankl’s excellent book "Man’s Search for Meaning" and how they could survive the hell of Nazi prison camps during World War 2. It is inspiring to learn what the human spirit is capable of if we just put our minds to it. Do read this book! You will be amazed.

So, have you decided to be happy yet? I can highly recommend it! Let’s encourage each other to make this life-altering decision, and make it every day and at every opportunity. 

 We can choose to be happy, despite our circumstances.
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Thank you. Until next week! Let’s all decide to be happy this week!
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