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Is Your Focus Serving You?
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The sun sends light energy to us every day. In its dissipated form, this energy is serving us well. We can go outside, feel the heat on our skins and be energized. 

When that same energy is focussed on a single spot by a looking glass, it becomes so powerful that a fire can be started. A fire that can burn down a forest or a house. When we go one step further and build a laser, that same light energy becomes even more powerful and can cut through steel and kill people.

In relationships our focus can also either be of service to us, or set us up for failure. If we focus on another person’s idiosyncrasies, bad habits or simply things we do not like about the person, our relationship will suffer. 

When we do work, the same can happen. By focussing on the negative, on what we do not want to happen, our own energy levels will suffer. By instead focussing on what is possible, on what you really want, you are much more able to motivate yourself and others. Energy levels go up and soon the joy will follow. You still keep an eye on what you do not want, but your focus is on what you want to happen. This drives you forward, whilst you still are able to make sure that the downside is taken care of.

Where in your life is your focus not serving you? 

The sun’s energy becomes a powerful force as well, if your focus is on harnessing that energy. Instead of starting a fire that burns down the house, that same energy can be contained properly and be used to heat the house and cook the meals. And what is more powerful than a laser beam directed and focussed properly, used in medical applications? Or to cut components to build shelters?  
By focussing on finding the positive in a person, or making a positive change, our focus is serving us to find happiness and ultimately reach a place of joy.
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Thank you. Until next week! 

I’m grateful to have you in my life. Let’s, in this coming week, focus on what is possible and together make this a better place for all of us!
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