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Merely Exhausted . . . or Totally Depleted?
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What is the difference between depletion and exhaustion?

Many of us, right now, feel exhausted. We have been going for a long, long time through this seemingly endless marathon-upon-marathon, called COVID. 

Exhaustion is one thing. It means that I feel tired, and if I get some rest, I feel better. So that’s fairly easily handled. Have good routine, get good sleep, get exercise and you should be able to take care of your exhaustion. You’ll rest and feel better. 

But, if you feel like I felt a while ago, it may not be that simple. It was when all these endless changes and uncertainties finally started taking its toll on me. Even after a good rest, I woke up still feeling tired. Even after a weekend off, it was very difficult to get going. You feel totally depleted. 

Depletion is much more difficult to overcome. It feels like all the joy was taken out of your soul. And for this there is really only one great remedy. That remedy is to refill your cup with what brings you joy. You need to spend time in those activities, or with those people . . . those things that will bring you energy and help fill your cup again with joy. 

Right now, with all the demands of the pandemic, you need to consciously refill your cup of joy. What may have happened automatically before, we need to make happen right now.
My challenge to you is to make a list. Identify those joy bringers. To me it is singing, laughing, having fun with friends. Once you have your list, spend some time in them every day. Fill your cup up every day a bit more. Soon it will overflow with joy again, you’ll feel great and will have enough joy to share!
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Thank you. Until next week! 

I’m grateful to have you in my life. Let’s, in this coming week, fight any feelings of depletion by filling our cups again with that which brings us joy!
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