Three powerful, uplifting questions
We cannot always maintain a positive outlook on life. Sometimes life gets the better of us.
We go negative. It's just natural and normal. We may be tired and start feeling sorry for ourselves. We may have feelings of regret for something that did not go according to plan. We may rebel against what we see as an injustice or unfairness or even find ourselves in a place of anger. There is no fun to be had here!

How can we lift ourselves out of this situation?
Better still, how can we help others when we see them in the clutches of negativity?
I've learnt that three powerful questions can be really handy here:

What would an ideal outcome look like?

Something has caused you to be in a negative place right now. That's a given. What would it look like if you can get your wishes come true in these circumstances – to make it better? When we focus on the possible positive outcomes, we will automatically lift ourselves from the pit of negativity.

What do you want?

To be negative often means we are stuck in one place.
When we are depressed, we just sit there.
When we fight, we do not focus on what a solution may look like.
When we start focussing on what we want, instead of lamenting on what had transpired, we lift ourselves with positive, forward-moving energy. We start building a better tomorrow.
This question's outcome is very similar to the first one's, but the key distinction here is that this one gets us moving. We start making a contribution in the direction we want to go.

What is your purpose?

This is the most powerful of the three questions. Now we start moving outside of the circumstance and see the situation from a higher perspective. What is your purpose in all of this? What is the opportunity here for you to fulfill your purpose? If you know your life purpose, how can you fulfill that?
The first question helps us focus beyond just our negative emotion.
The second gets us moving towards a positive outcome.
The third have us reaching a place of making a contribution.
When we start seeing beyond our own circumstance, when our intention moves away from ourselves to helping others, we will be rewarded with feelings of happiness. Soon our days will become joy-filled.
My wish for you is that these three questions will help you get to this place of joy.
Best wishes,
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