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The Incredible Power of Hope
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Today I am making a stand against all the negativity. Enough with bad news, with pandemics and variants, with stories of doom and gloom! Let’s go find some hope!

In the past week clients inspired me by recommending two great resources. 
  • The first, a book by Hans Rosling called Factfulness, is an absolute must read that filled me with hope, and I’m only halfway through it! The author took real data from reliable sources (not untested information, not inaccurate media reporting, definitely not social media opinions!) and calmly and pragmatically shows that things are way better than you think with the world of today and the world of tomorrow. Read it! You’ll be filled with hope!
  • The second is a regular email from Peter Diamandis. I’ve heard him speak a year or two ago when he appeared by hologram at one of our MacKay EDGE Summits. The man is amazing. Smart, highly educated and incredibly well connected, he reports on the latest innovations of humankind and how it is rapidly changing our world . . . for the better. From autonomous vehicles and flying cars, sensors everywhere in our world to increased focus on sustainability and the environment, and to the next generation gene therapies that will minimize disease, the man’s teachings are a source of hope and inspiration for a better tomorrow. Go sign up at I highly recommend it!
I want to challenge you to find positive sources of hope, like these two just mentioned, and fill your world with it. Replace the negative, the inaccurate and the opinions with real, accurate and forward-looking information. You may even find some wisdom. You definitely will find hope and it will lead you to a place of greater joy!
I hope you found this helpful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.

Thank you. Until next week! Let’s use the incredible power of hope this week to lead us to a place of joy!
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