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The Appreciation Train

Dear <<First Name>>,

One of the gifts the pandemic brought us, is the words of appreciation that we use these days in all my meetings.

It all happened during one of those sessions where everyone was on their separate screens. As we were finishing off, one of the members of one of the CEO forums I chair suggested, “Why don't we finish with words of appreciation?” And lo and behold, the “appreciation train” was born.

The way we organize it is that someone goes first and can choose anyone and say a few words of appreciation about that person. It may be just superficial words, if you don't know the person well, maybe you like the color of their hair, or their outfit, or what their background shows, or something else. But, if you know them well, it can be a deeper experience. And that's how it starts. The first person says a word to anyone on the screen and that person can choose anyone else and so on and so forth, until everyone is done and the last person goes back to the first person.

So that's what's called an appreciation train.

And you know what? The joy was immense from this experience. We ended on a high, we all felt invigorated, we all found some joy. So I would suggest: why don't you finish meetings, or even just during every day, think of someone you can appreciate and appreciate that person in person. Tell them you appreciate them and tell them why. You will see, the joy will be yours.
Hope you find this useful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.

Until next week, and this coming week, let's all focus on appreciating someone and see what joy we can bring into their lives.

Best wishes,
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