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Is Your Ego Controlling You?
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Our ego is as essential part of ourselves, there to keep us safe. But the question is, are you able to control it, or is it controlling you?

When I get triggered, when I go into a negative emotional state, I have heard my ego become loud. This is when I feel compelled to defend myself, when I feel I am not being heard. It is a place where you want to look good, but you are actually achieving the opposite. In this state you do not listen to others, you may run over them, and you definitely cannot influence them for the good. A position of weakness.

Sometimes the opposite happens, when I withdraw and go to a place of a weak ego. I may feel threatened and put up a wall to protect me. Again a place where I am not my best self and where I cannot positively influence anyone around me, let alone myself! A position of weakness.

When I am in full control, in a positive emotional state, and able to access my intellectual brain, I can show up with a strong ego. This is a place where I can take my space with strength, humility and kindness. I am able to listen. I am able to use my higher brain powers like creativity, curiosity and reasoning. I am able to negotiate and influence. A position of strength.

I want to challenge you to be on the lookout for either your loud ego or your weak ego to show up this coming week. When it shows, recognize it for what it is, and send it packing! A strong ego will serve you so much better!
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Thank you. Until next week! Let’s show up with strong but humble egos from now on!
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