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The Power Of A Curious Mind
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Curiosity can be a powerful way to overcome a negative emotional state.

I’ve learnt that, when I get triggered, I can shift to a better emotional state by immediately getting curious. If it was a person, I can ask why this person triggered me, what was said or done that got on my nerves. If it was an email, the same. What is going on? How does it feel in my body? The list goes on.

By recognizing that I am triggered, by immediately stopping and taking a breath, and then becoming curious about what is going on for me, I am able to move my thoughts from my reactive reptilian brain to my intellectual brain. Here I can access my higher thinking. Curiosity, creativity, planning live here. In this state I can be my most powerful. I am creative and can plan my best next step. It is a place of joy. Curiosity got me there.
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Thank you. Let’s get curious this week!
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