What Are Your Superpowers?
There are many superheroes floating around these days with incredible powers. Some can fly. Some have incredible strength. Others are super flexible. The list goes on and on. There even is a guy who thinks he is a spider, or does he become a spider? (Perhaps we should ask Lois Lane.)

Anyways, I am interested in how it shows up for you. What is YOUR superpower? That power that you can count on to get you out of a sticky situation. Perhaps ‘superpower’ is a bit too Hollywood; something like ‘your best self’ may be more accurate to describe what is going on for us mere mortals.

Some people I know are blessed with patience. Tons of it. They can wait and outlast many a hothead like myself! 
Others have lightning quick brains and reflexes. They’re up and running before you know it! 
A friend of mine can absolutely kill with kindness! He can charm and disarm even the crankiest individual. 

So what are those super positive traits that you can call on for yourself?

I’m a very curious person. Whenever I find it difficult to relate to someone, I force myself not to start judging the person (my natural tendency). Instead I try to be my best self and become super curious about the person and the discussion. What is present that causes my difficulty? Why do I feel so judgemental of this person all of a sudden? Thinking like this allows me to reframe my mindset and hopefully show up better.

When things are going well, I am blessed with tons of enthusiasm. I can take a ball and run with it! It has served me very well in my career as I developed a reputation of getting things done.

I want to challenge you to think of your two super powers: one that can help you get out of a sticky situation, a second that shows up when things are going really great for you.

Think of positive emotions and behaviours that have served you well in the past. Things like optimism (are you a really optimistic person?), creativity, generosity, determination, encouragement, passion, enthusiasm, patience, drive, collaboration, compassion, selflessness, connecting people, love – the list goes on and on.

Jot a few options down that describe you best. Think which can help you in a negative situation and which will put rocket fuel in your boosters when you are firing on all cylinders. Discuss your list with people who know you best. Let them help you narrow it down to one, two or maximum three.

With these framed in your mind, next time the occasion demands it, you will be able to call on them!

You will be able to show up so much better. 

With power. 

Your own superpower.

Best wishes,
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