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The Soft-Closing Toilet Seat
We recently moved into a beautiful apartment, the home of our dreams. It is not big, but it has terrific views. It is not the best apartment in our neighbourhood, but it is exactly what we need and wanted.

 It had one major Achilles heel.

Although it had been modernized and updated, for some reason the previous owners forgot about the toilet seats! Can you imagine? We inherited these basic, cheap toilet seats that you have to carefully put down or they fall down with a bang that can wake up the whole house! Not my favourites. We immediately invested in top of the line toilet seats, the best we could find. Costing nearly three times as much as the basic ones, these beauties close quietly and majestically. A joy to behold!

Now you may say I’m a toilet seat snob, and you’re probably right. The point however is that if we can find those smaller things in our lives that we can make the most joyful of experiences, why won’t we do it? 

A client of mine loves red wine. He will spend on a good bottle much more than I would spend on a whole meal, including wine. It gives him joy though, so this is what he needs to do. As long as he saves in other areas, and is responsible with his finances, let him enjoy what he truly treasures!

The other day, during a break with one of my groups, the discussion led to choice whiskeys. You should have heard them! It sounded like they were discussing old and dear friends! And you should have heard what some guys and gals spend on their favourites! Again, it brings them great joy and they should enjoy it responsibly.

What do you really enjoy in your day? If you are able to make one a luxurious experience, something that will make you feel good every time you use it, what will that be? I’d recommend you upgrade that, just for you. 
For me it’s a toilet seat. It is a joy to see it close so majestically! What is it for you?
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Thank you. Until next week! 

I’m grateful to have you in my life. Let’s put some little luxuries in our day today! Let’s grow the joy, one toilet seat at a time!
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