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Three Tips For A Next Chapter

At the beginning of a new year, one's attention is automatically drawn to things like New Year's resolutions, etc. Things that I’m not really good at. I've often made resolutions like “losing a few pounds” or “getting more exercise” or “getting more clients” and you know what, it always peters out after a few days. It's really not successful for me. 

Instead, what I like to do is I'd rather look at different chapters. That we go through life like we’re reading through chapters, and at the end of the year, you've just completed a chapter. 

There are three things—three tips if you’d like—that then become really important to me. 
  1. The first is to stop reading the past chapter. That chapter is done. If it was a good one, celebrate, but move forward. If it was not so great, learn what’s there to be learned. Finish it off. And stop reading. Stop revisiting the past. 
  2. The second thing that I really find helpful, especially when I'm reading a book, is to try and get a sense of what next is to come. See if you can predict the future a little bit so that you can get a sense. When reading a book I normally look at the index to see what the other chapters’ titles are. It helps me to get a sense of the context and what's coming next. 
  3. But then, the most important part of all of this, is the third tip. You have to focus on what you're reading right now, what you're experiencing right now. Let your focus be there. 
So there you go. Three tips for when you enter a new chapter. 

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Until next week, and remember, let's focus on where we are right now.
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