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What Are Your 3 COVID Blessings in Disguise?

It is true that COVID has taken away a lot of stuff out of our lives. But have you ever stopped and thought, what are the things that I have actually gained from this whole COVID experience? What are those blessings in disguise I received? 

I recently stopped and I made a list. And these are my top three I'm going to share with you. I'm going to ask you to take a piece of paper and a pen and write down your three blessings in disguise, so that we can share it with each other afterwards. 

My first one was that we were plunged into cyberspace overnight and you had to either sink or swim. We started swimming bravely, but then we mastered cyberspace, we mastered to be on Zoom day in and day out, or on Teams, or whatever the platform is. And it just opened our worlds. My mind is exploding right now, because I was recently requested by a company in New York to make a proposal to work for them. I'm a little immigrant on the western side of Canada in Vancouver, working for a company on the eastern side of the United States in New York City. It just blows my mind! I may not get the job, but just the possibility of it. 

The second blessing that came from COVID was that I’m not spending time in traffic anymore. I can jump onto my computer and I'm with my clients, the whole group is there. We can work the whole day and we can have fun together, we can make progress, and I don't spend an hour and a half in traffic, or fly there, or whatever. All that traffic time is gone. It's productive now. I get that time back for my family and for my friends and for my relaxation. 

The third thing is really important: we’re in constant contact with our family and friends again, overseas or close by. We've got WhatsApp groups, we've got different things to check in on each other. Are you okay? Are you sick? How are you doing? 

Those are my three things. What are yours?

I'll be quiet and you can write those things down. And let's celebrate the things that came out of it. Because at the end of all these blessings in disguise, guess what? There’s joy there!

Enjoy your week and focus on the blessings.
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Best wishes,
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