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The Trifecta of Joy

Dear <<First Name>>,

We recently had a lot of fun in one of the sessions I did for a young group of entrepreneurs, a very entrepreneurial company, young people going places, loads of fun. I asked them: in life, what are those things that bring them joy, those things that bring them energy?

We did this exercise, I was quiet for a bit and they had to write down a whole list of things that bring them joy. Later on, I asked them the list of things that take their joy away from them. So things that zapped them or that sapped them.

I then asked them to go around the room and share their top three. Their top three joy bringers, we were positive, we wanted to know what are those things? And you know, you've got the usual stuff people say and it's family and it's good things, and it's very good.

But then every bunch has got that one joker and this guy just changed the atmosphere in the whole room. Everything changed. He got up he said, I've got the trifecta of joy: I love good food, I love very good wine and I love excellent sex. 

The roof came down and after him everyone else had something more and more fun. 

So my challenge to you is: what is your trifecta of joy? What are those things that you want to have to spend more time in every day, so that you have more joy? That's the point of it. And cut out those things that suck the life out of you. 

My challenge to you this week is come up with your own trifecta of joy. Then share it with your loved ones, with everyone, so that they know what brings you joy every day.
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Best wishes,
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