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How a focus on the common good
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I currently serve on the Board of a recreational property where we are one of 115 shareholder families in a small resort, our little piece of paradise outside the big city.

For 115 shareholders to get along and play nicely in the sandbox is not easy all the time. 

We recently saw some problems when some were only out to get their own individual needs met, above those that are needed for the greater good of everyone. This caused some conflict.

Our response as a Board is to lead people back to our foundational values. By focussing on these, and what we want to achieve together, we are making it again the place where we all can enjoy our little piece of paradise together.

This reminds me of the abundance concept. If we focus on creating abundance, if we make the proverbial pizza bigger, we will in the long run end up with a bigger piece of pizza ourselves! By creating more for others, we end up with more. If instead we have a scarcity mindset, and want to protect only what we perceive as ours, in the long run we end up with less. The pizza shrinks and so does our slice.
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Thank you. Until next week!
Let’s all practice an abundance mindset! Let’s set our own individual, selfish interest aside and bring joy to everyone!
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