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At the Foot of the Giant, Tin, Toy Soldier

Dear <<First Name>>,

I run every second day. It keeps me healthy and keeps my weight down. It gives me the time to work through things, and I can get rid of stress and anxiety. 

But some days when I wake up (because I run first thing in the morning), it's just very, very difficult to get out of bed. 

Then I use a simple technique: I visualize myself stretching at the foot of our Toy Soldier. This Toy Soldier is at a local landmark in our area. It's one kilometer away from our home at the Fraser River. It's a beautiful spot. When I get there, normally after the first kilometer - which is always the most difficult kilometer - it is nice to stretch and hear the birds and feel the morning air. It's just a beautiful place to be.
So there I am, just picturing this in my mind and before I know it, I can get out of bed. I can do the stretches, I can get on the road and I can get there. All I’m picturing is getting to the toy soldier. That helps me, carries me, because once the first kilometer is done, it's fairly simple to do the second one and think of the next milestone, which is to stretch on top of the overpass, and I’ve got that pictured in my mind. 

And before I know it, I've done my whole run, and it's good. 

Now this technique can work very well for you, for any bigger project, or anything that you are not getting going with. Just visualize the first part of it, the manageable chunk, like you eat an elephant, one chunk at a time. Just think of that first one, and how you can get to that first one and then, once you have that in your mind, do that, so that you can adjust once you're there. You just think of the next one and then next and before you know it, you've got it all done and the joy is yours.

See you next week. Let's break these big tasks down into chunks that we can manage.
Hope you find this useful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.

Best wishes,
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