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This week we look at how we can, and should, spread joy as leaders.

You can either watch the short video or read the article below. 
The Leader’s Three Joy Duties

We all are leaders. 

Some of us may be leading huge companies or countries or congregations. Some perhaps only one person, or our family, or even just our dog on a walk! The acid test of leadership is after all whether the leaders has followers. If we have anyone who follows our lead, we have a responsibility to lead well. 

Last week I was reminded of this when good friend and colleague, Rick Tiedemann of Copeman Healthcare, was illustrating the first duty.

He was using the image of a pyramid of champagne glasses being filled.

The only way of doing this, is if you start with the very top glass and allow it to overflow and fill the glasses touching it, until those overflow and fill those below them, and so forth, and so forth until all the glasses in the stack are full of joyful bubbly, all really coming through the very top glass. This does not work if you start filling one of the bottom glasses first. It will simply spill onto the floor. If you then try to fill the others above individually, not only will it take an eternity, you also run the risk of touching a glass and bringing the whole pyramid down!

Spreading joy as a leader is pretty much the same.

You as the leader needs to be filled with joy first, so that you can spread the joy down to all those who follow.

So, you need to fill yourself up with joy first.
Every day. In every way possible. Let me know if you need help in that regard.

The second duty is that you need to spread that joy.
When you show up to lead it is your opportunity, no rather your duty, to spread that joy. It is true that as leaders we determine the weather wherever we go. If we show up as a ray of sunshine, the outlook will be sunny for our team. If we rain on every parade, things will look gloomy indeed. So, let’s spread the sunshine!

The third duty is that we should always be looking out for those in our lives who need special joy attention, those who need some extra encouragement.
We may become to wrapped up in our own joy that we miss those not able to respond to the joy we bring. This is where we need to become curious and more caring than ever before. Slow down. Surround the person with love and empathy, anything that may be needed to bring them to a place where the sun can break through again. Oh what joy to see that first smile!

So there you have it, three simple joy duties for you and for me. Let’s all work together to make this planet a joy-filled place by first filling ourselves with joy, then spreading it to the whole world and lastly to stop and help those who may need our special joy attention.

I hope you found this helpful. More of the same can be found on or by following me on LinkedIn, FaceBook or YouTube.
Thank you. Until next week!
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