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MARCH 2022
We have now temporarily re-opened our main entrance to Deep Water Bay, from Island Road, while we wait on the furniture and internal decoration to arrive from lock down in China.

Any Deep Water Bay users, who are visiting the Emerald Bay should first speak with our Manager, Larry Tsang, to understand the present usage restrictions that are in place.


任何深水灣用戶如果要進入翡翠灣會所時最好與我們的經理 Larry Tsang
After three and half years, today, I bring my tenure as General Manager of the VRC to a close. Working in clubs has always had a familial feel to it for me. There are great times and celebrations, rich and rewarding relationships, moments of dialogue and difference—and of course, unexpected developments and dynamics. Tough times, like the good, are always better when faced together, and I have been grateful for the comradery I have found with staff, members, and the General Committee, even during periods of crisis and transition—something we have all had to learn to live with over the last two years.

I am grateful for the support, wisdom, warmth and unique personalities I have encountered and worked with and am proud of what we have been able to achieve and overcome together. The VRC is a gem in this city. A space to reconnect with nature, to meet like minds, and to pursue the activities that make us feel alive. I continue to remain invested in its success and supportive of the positive community and haven it is, when at its best.
I thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this special corner of Hong Kong and look forward to experiencing the VRC as a member once more in the future.

Sandy Macalister
The GC is gratified to see the clubhouses so well patronized during the day. You are all welcome to use the club lounges as you need, but please be considerate and keep the volume down on your conversations. If you or your children are playing games, it would be best if you did it on silent mode.                                                                     

委員會很高興看到會所如此多會員光顧。 歡迎會員在會所使用休息室時,希望大家將談話音量收細。 如果你或你的孩子正在玩遊戲時,最好在靜音的模式下進行。多謝合作!
Pad Thai 泰式炒河粉
This traditional Pad Thai stir-fry noodles, with its fresh shrimps and vegetables, crunchy peanuts and delicious fish sauce. Is still a very popular choice in Emerald Bay. Chef Eric welcomes you to enjoy in the cafe or take-a-way before 6:00pm. Available for only $80.

Members are reminded that Emerald Bay’s day time menu is available for Take Away, every day of the week. Last Orders are 6:00pm. Members may order in person or by calling 2792 2721.

提醒各位會員,翡翠灣會所的日間菜單可供外賣服務,現在每一天都可以享受到會所的外賣美食了。 最後下單時間為下午六時。 會員可親臨或致電2792 2721訂購。
We apologize that our new VRC Mugs have been caught up in the China Covid lockdown! We will inform members as soon as they arrive.

Renovation continues on the Deep Water Bay Café and Men’s Changing Room. With the closure of the beach and closure of the beach toilets, we are adapting the Ladies Changing Room toilets for temporary shared use.

We understand that this is not ideal, but we unfortunately do not have any other option. Our men, may only use the outside showers (all now provided with hot water)

Please remember that the changing rooms are very limited in capacity. If full or busy, please wait before using. No more than 3 persons should use at one time. Social distancing and mask wearing must be complied with.


The Club’s Administration Office in Quarry Bay, has relocated to the Emerald Bay Clubhouse.

The new Address is:
Victoria Recreation Club
210 Tai Mong Tsai Road,
Sai Kung

Our telephone numbers (for Admin, Membership and Accounts) remain the same.
(852) 2178 2221 / 2178 2222
The Club's new P.O. Box is :
P.O.Box 177
Sai Kung Post Office
Sai Kung.

新界 西貢

(852) 2178 2221 / 2178 2222

Every once in a while its good for us to remember that things haven’t always been what they are now, as this wonderful shot of the 2018  VRC Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta, clearly shows. Think back, to times like these, when the words “Social Distancing” would have necessitated a google search!

有一些時候,有一些事情已經不再像我們現在這樣了。這張在2018年VRC深水灣的龍舟比賽的精彩圖片中,已經清楚地表明了這一點了。 回想一下,“社交距離”這個詞語還需要在谷歌搜索!
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