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WTF Colorado's Weekly Newsletter Volume 2 No. 24
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That's the Ticket!
Democratic Candidate for Congress from CD4 has just learned she won the nomination in the Primary!

Scenes on Election Night 

WTF's media team, Craig Stevens and Chiu-Ki Chan, were busy on Primary Election Night helping CD4 voters to be in three places at once, as Congressional hopefuls Chase Kohne and Karen McCormick held watch parties in separate venues in Longmont and Parker. Craig set up his control center in the loft at the Barn of Dorothy and Frank Vernon, just outside Longmont. [It's a wonderful event venue - you can find out more by emailing or calling 303-725-3647.]

From the Barn - where one of Chase's two watch parties was held, Craig assembled a live stream including video by Chiu-Ki Chan from the Karen McCormick watch party, held at a private home in Longmont, and live interviews with Chase Kohne from his other watch party in Parker. Craig's preparation to get all this to work - including a visit to Parker to test the internet there and testing with Chiu-Ki's new camera -amounted to a Herculean effort. WTF and the people of CD4 owe Craig a huge debt of gratitude for chronicling our efforts to change things here in Colorado's Great Plains district.

As we all know by now, the night belonged to Dr. Karen McCormick, who earned the Democratic nomination and WTF Colorado's endorsement for CD4's Congressional seat. Congratulations, Karen! You worked hard and smart and fought well.

Now the real work begins. The primary numbers show that McCormick will have a tough row to hoe to win in November. We knew that, in the abstract. Now the hard facts are before us. Buck got more primary votes than Karen and Chase combined.

McCormick had an overwhelming money advantage over Kohne last Tuesday, but Ken Buck's pockets are deep and filled with money from the Koch Brothers and the NRA. Karen will have to fight for every vote. Each individual supporter can give the McCormick campaign $2700. Dig deep, friends.

WTF Colorado, as a Federal Super-PAC, can neither coordinate campaign messaging with McCormick's campaign, nor donate to it. But if you have already made the maximum contribution to McCormick for Congress, you can donate an unlimited amount to We'll use the money in other ways to help Karen and other Democrats running to represent the people of CD4 at the state level.

WTF Colorado Inc. will not simply be watching from afar. We will be publishing our strategies to discredit Buck with unaffiliated voters, activate Democratic voters, and more, by the end of July. Your suggestions and your help are welcome. They are essential. Write to  us about anything at all at We will answer, and we will welcome you to the crusade.

It's for sure we'll be seeing this banner a lot in the next four months. It's going to be a long road. But if you need some inspiration, look at WTF's Blue Movies Vimeo Journal and see how far we've come. 

Democrats get their Ticket

Here are the results of the 2018 Colorado Primary. These are the candidates that we'll be voting for this fall. The women and men in the blue boxes are the ones that will be washed into office by the Blue Tsunami. Now we have to all get busy making waves. Shouting together, marching in unison, setting up the resonance that builds those waves taller and taller until on November 6, 2018 we wash the corrupt and craven Republican party right out of office.

There are just a few things we've got to get right to make it happen. Read More.
And if we have't convinced  you, Read Still More.
What's in the Wind?
Calls to Action

WTF Colorado is focused like a laser on the November elections. But there is so much going on in this nation right now that demands a response, that we can't pretend that none of it matters. And we don't want our readers to do that either. We're not organizing protests, but we're spreading the word.

Indivisible Front Range Resistance has a strong statement for our Senators on the Supreme Court nomination process, and WTF Colorado has signed on. IFFR has faithfully assembled a timely Call To Action every single week since the beginning of the Resistance, and it continues today. When you feel the need to act out, IFFR's Facebook Page is the place to go to learn what to do.

Our beloved young friends Las Estrellas of Yuma know that Families Belong Together. They are hosting a demonstration to say so in Cory Gardner's home town. If you only make it to one June 30 event, let it be this one. Every one of Yuma's young Stars knows that it is only by the grace of God that she is not one of the victims of this horror. It starts at 6:30 pm

This weekend's Longmont Leads with Love vigil is dedicated to Families Belong Together, too. 1pm-2pm today, 6th Avenue and Main Street, Longmont.

Resources for Activists
Check for useful resources in our new Downloads for Activists folder in the cloud!

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WTF Colorado wants YOU!
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Primaries are over - Now what?

WTF Colorado is proud of every candidate who ran in this Democratic Primary. You all know what you are facing. You all knew it would be hard. You all knew you might not win.  We know why you did it. We know why you go on. It's the same reason for all of us. America. We do it for love.
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