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April 2019
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What we want to show our legislators. Photo by Brad Frost, 2016.
Does the Capitol Dome look a little like an Easter Egg? It's full of  peeps who deserve our thanks.
Thank a Legislator

Our legislators have one month to go, and sooooo much to do. Why not make it easy for them? Let them know you know what they're doing. Write a letter to your local news source. Then hold your nose and write to one of our languishing big city papers, because, you know, people still read them. Call their office just to say thanks! Then call a radio talk show and say the same thing. Tell the world - or at least the whole state - that Colorado's legislature is getting it done. The work of the people. That's us.

This is a serious Call to Action. We want to show all the voters in last year's Blue Wave - and even, maybe, some of the ones who didn't make it to the polls or voted against the current - how happy we are with our Trifecta and what a great job the are doing for the people of Colorado. A few people wish they could have a do-over, and we are going all out to make sure that nobody on the sidelines is persuaded. So Accentuate The Positive by telling anyone who will listen - especially local publications and talk shows - what a great job the Governor and your local state Senator and Representative are doing. Mention a bill that means a lot to you - not necessarily one of the big controversial ones. Our legislators are working for us - let's get to work for them!

Read More: A longer exploration of every reason to thank our Senators and Representatives can be found in the Capitol Letters column in the Longmont Observer. Check it out! 
Rep. Jonathan Singer, AnneMarie Jensen, and Marcia Martin at the Capitol waiting to testify for SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare (Oil and Gas Operations). Story at right.
Capitol Letters

Capitol Letters is a bi-weekly opinion column which is published first in The Longmont Observer, and reposted here in the Weathervane. Both news sources are licensed under the Creative Commons, so it's all on the up-and-up. We hope you enjoy them. Here are the latest - both on SB19-181, the dreaded Oil and Gas Bill!

Protecting Public Welfare What happened the day SB19-181 was introduced in the Colorado Senate.

Preemption and Points of View The battle over Local Control of Oil and Gas regulations - and what it means if your livelihood comes from fossil fuel extraction.
Senate President Leroy Garcia opens another day of debate on Capitol Hill. He's taking heat, too.
What's in the Wind?

Big Bills Await the Gov!
As the Colorado legislative session draws to a close, historic bills are trickling out. While we are grateful for all the journeyman work done so far, these are the bills that this legislature will be remembered for.
SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations
HB19-1177 Extreme Risk Protection Orders
HB19-1062 Early Childhood Development Special District

New CD4 Executive Gang!
Scroll down below the fold to see the roster! Thank you for serving, all!
Health and Safety!
Area Representatives Rochelle Galindo (podium) and Sonya Jaquez-Lewis (far right) on the Capitol Steps (at an event unrelated to SB19-181). Shared by Rep. Galindo. Thanks!
WTF's Opinion on SB19-181

SB18-181, the variously titled Oil and Gas Bill, is on its way to Governor Polis.  It was an amazing process to watch it move through the Legislature. It still can't hurt to keep calling him to let him know you support his signing it. He's taking a lot of heat right now.

The legislators who voted for it are taking a lot of heat, too. We showcased Rochelle Galindo of Greeley and Sonya Jaquez-Lewis (who represents Longmont/Lafayette) because they're at opposite ends of the heat map. Sonja would have found herself in trouble with her constituents had she NOT actively supported 181, because she represents the urban areas of the Front Range who are frantically fighting against urban drilling and the pollution, accidents, and health hazards that we know comes with it, despite what the industry lobbyists have to say.

But Representative Rochelle Galindo went to the mat for what she believes are the best interests of her constituents, too. And that's how we know that its a good, balanced bill. Because Rochelle would not have voted for it if it were not good for her people. Now we know that 181 is going to be good for the mothers and babies of Greeley, as the ubiquitous wells are asked to reduce their leakage of VOCs and more of those babies are born full-term and alive. We know that it's good for Greeley's neighbors to the west, who hope to be less poisoned by the air off the oil fields. But 181 is going to be good for the workers in the oil and gas industry, too. Here are some of the ways that it protects jobs and royalties:
  • Forced Pooling. It used to be that mineral rights owners could be forced into a pool if one owner gave consent. Now it must be 45%. It was 50% in the Senate bill, until it was learned that Anadarko Petroleum owns mineral rights in a vast checkerboard of land sections in Weld County. Because of the checkerboard pattern, a 50% forced pooling required would allow AnaDARKo to lock out small operators and put them out of business. It could have also created a monopoly that would push down royalty fees.
  • "Reasonable and necessary" phrasing has been added to local control rights - which gives the extraction industry standing to litigate if they need to. No moritoria or bans outright should result.
  • Weld county officials have already made clear that they do not plan to impose any restrictions on the industry above what the state requires, too.
Now, the environmentalists of WTF Colorado don't have a lot of faith in the long-term future of fossil fuels. But SB19-181 is NOT going to be what kills the industry. It will be the growing realization that Climate Change is real and we can't afford any more to take the path of least resistance that fossil fuels offer. Can't blame that on Rochelle Galindo or Governor Polis or Senate President Leroy Garcia. They didn't do it. They are doing what they must in the time they were born into.

They deserve our thanks most of all.
How to Help Rochelle
Here is more detail on the kind of heat that Polis, Galindo, Garcia, and others are taking. Please don't share on social media. We'll fight it if we need to, when the time comes. Get ready.

Sign up to Stand with Rochelle!

Join Indivisible's Protect our Reps Project.

Hey! This will keep us in practice for 2020!
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