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WTF Colorado's Weekly Newsletter Volume 2 No. 27
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Lazy Buck!
Constituents waiting to hear Congressmen Ken Buck and Kevin Brady, Chair of House Ways and Means. 
Buck's Tax Cuts Town Hall

Runs like Clockwork!

Ken Buck has got this Town Hall business down! First, he brings a real Congressman with him to do the brain work! This time the brain companion was Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee and leading expert on the Tax Scam. Ken, as we know, is not an expert on much, except how to defer to power. So here's how the Town Hall Clockwork runs.

As people entered the building, they got a ticket with a number. Another ticket with the same number went into a Punchbowl. Everyone was instructed that when their number was called, they could ask one question, which had to be about taxation. When everyone was seated, they  wound up Buck and the questioning began.

  1. Buck draws a number from the Punchbowl and calls it out. 47!
  2. The lucky Republican stands and calls out a softball question.
  3. Buck: Great question! The tax bill handles that beautifully. Congressman Brady, would you like to elaborate on that?
  4. Brady: Sure, Ken. <insert party line answer here>
  5. Audience applauds crisply.
  6. Go back to step 1.
Of course, once in a while the number of someone who wasn't a Republican was called. Here was one example of things going off the rails that way:
  1. Buck draws a number from the fishbowl and calls it out. 2020!
  2. A Democrat (you can tell by the faded blue jeans) stands. "How does the 2017 Tax Reform Bill help the poor?
  3. Buck: Short answer? It gives them Hope!
    (we draw the curtain on this unfortunate scene)

Here's a picture of the Punchbowl just to prove we didn't make this stuff up!

WTF thinks it is pretty shameful how Buck avoided really engaging with his constituents. He did have a private meeting with representatives of Adapt Colorado, though. We've requested a statement from Adapt about their after-meeting with Buck. Read about it in these pages when we receive it!
What's in the Wind?
Flournoy House Party:
Saturday, July 28, 2018 6:00pm
  • Karen McCormick
  • Tim Krug
  • Lesley Smith
5664 Vistancia Ct. Parker. Gate #1983
Please RSVP to Elaine Flournoy and bring a dish!

Please read this week's feature story, MINING FOR VOTES. It shows how and where to focus canvassing efforts to elect Karen, Tim, Lesley, and all our wonderful state-level candidates. We can do this. Then - if you didn't do it last week, do THREE EASY THINGS:
  1. Invite your Facebook friends to LIKE Karen's Facebook page.
  2. Get 2 real-life friends to join our mailing list.
  3. Next time you are with a Republican woman, mention Karen's name. Don't argue or fuss. Just say Buck's got a fight on his hands this time. Remind her it's the Year of the Woman!

Resources for Activists
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Scenes from the Town Hall

Lazy Buck really phoned in this Town Hall. Photos and video were prohibited. We suspect he didn't want anyone seeing how he deferred to Brady on everything. Or how the audience clapped on queue. So  WTF doesn't have its usual high-quality video of this event. But we did our best!

Here's Danielle Kombo, on hand doing opposition research. Do you think her Republican disguise is working? She's got the pearls and the lipstick!

Craig wore a button-down shirt and tie, and sat in the back. He managed to get about 30 minutes of video with his iphone, including some of a Buck aide whispering in his ear that he had to stop. Watch for our memes and instagrams. Coming soon!

Marcia wore a WTF T-Shirt and sat down in front with the activists from Adapt, taking snapshots with her little CoolPix. Buck didn't like it, but as Marcia had arrived late, he couldn't say anything without disrupting the proceedings.

Here's Craig taking a picture of Marcia taking a picture of an Adapt activist. This is Marcia's picture.

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