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Getting the Word Out
The very Democratic display window of the Lamar Book Depot, 103 S Main St., Lamar, Colorado. That's one spot in Southern Colorado where voters can get their Win The Fourth Voter Guide next month.

What Inspires a Voter? 

We definitely know what doesn't inspire voters! That ballot, when it shows ups in your mailbox, can be intimidating. Not so much for Weathervane readers - who are engaged with the critical process of politics and government - but maybe for your friends and neighbors who only think about politics when the election is upon us!

This year, we Progressive activists know in our hearts that our country is hurting. We almost always vote, and this year we will vote as if our rights and freedom depend on it. They do! '

'So we need to target the people who don't always vote. People who think that everything will go on as before, and that the country will recover from one bad president. They're called disengaged voters, and those are the people we have to find and get to the polls.

According the the Pew Policy Center, the Number One Reason why infrequent and rare voters don't vote is that they don't know enough about who and what are on the ballot! That's why Win The Fourth Colorado and the Weekly Weathervane are making our Fourth Congressional District Voter Guide available!

This is PAT. She's been an activist since the 60's. She cares, and she's a real nice lady. You can email Pat by clicking on ACTION and find out how to get voter guides - and walk lists if you need them. But if you don't want to canvass, you can help by handing out guides at special events, at fundraisers, or in your place of business (if you're the proprietor or if you get permission!) Win The Fourth Voter Guides are free, we will ship them to you (fast!), and they will help you Get Out The Vote!

And if Pat calls you - be nice to her. Even if you can't canvass for us, maybe you can think of someone who would - or a business that might want to put a stack of Guides on its counter or newsstand! Everything you do helps!

Vote No
on Amendment 74!
What's in the Wind?

Getting Out The Vote!
We are working hard on finding voters who will help elect Karen McCormick and our other great progressive candidates. Also, the Amendments and Propositions on the ballot are really important this year. Some of them are very very GOOD, and others are very DANGEROUS. Most dangerous of all is Amendment 74. It looks harmless, but it's a snake in the grass! Remember, NO ON 74!
Climate Emergency
This Saturday, September 8, the Colorado Democratic Party declares a State of Climate Emergency. It's a virtual event on Facebook Live that begins at 9 am! Follow the link for details!

Consider having a Watch Party like the're doing in Douglas County! What a great idea!

Resources for Activists
Canvassing? Need something eye-catching to leave behind? Check out our informative sketch-flyers in the Downloads for Activists folder in the cloud! Build to print as two-to-a-page half sheets, they're a refreshing change from slick candidate door flyers, and great for making the progressive case to vote the whole ballot!

Voter Guides
We'll be distributing Win The Fourth Voter Guides beginning October First on paper. There will also be an on-line version that we'll promote through SMS and Social Media. See below for Voter Guide details.
The CD4 Voter Guide
Win The Fourth Colorado is producing a Guide to 2018 Midterms, with recommendations on Candidates and Ballot Initiatives. Experience in other areas has shown that placing a Guide with specific candidate and issue recommendations in the hands of voters increases turnout significantly.

How We'll Do It
Win The Fourth volunteer Patricia Davis and her team will be calling active Democrats to recruit canvassers to distribute the Guides. No Rules! You can pass out Guides as you canvass, or just leave Guide under mats and behind screen doors, without knocking doors at all. WTF Colorado Needs You. Postage is the biggest cost in producing Guides. Need a walk list? Tell us some addresses at the boundaries of where you'd like to walk, and we'll send you a list of targeted infrequen

When It Happens
The list of Certified Ballot Measures won't be final until September 5th, the last day the Colorado Secretary of State can certify signatures. So the Voter Guide can't go to print until the week after that, when Democratic Executive Committees determine their recommendations.
  • October 1: Voter Guides will be in your hands, either shipped or hand-delivered, around . 
  • October 15: Your County Elections Dept. can't mail ballots until this date.
    This is a perfect day to start dropping off Voter Guides!
  • November 6: Election Day.
Free Trader Ken Buck didn't say a word when Trump instituted tariffs that will hurt CD4's Farmers and Ranchers! Some kind of Representative he is. Read More
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