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WTF Colorado's (mostly) Weekly Newsletter Volume 2 No. 31
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Didja Miss Us? We're Baaaack!
On its way to you in the coming days, the Win The Fourth Voter Guide has been the biggest undertaking in WTF Colorado's short life. Getting it out has strained our limited resources and  the Weathervane was sadly a casualty of the effort. But we have been pleased with the results, and we hope you will be, too!

The Terrible Dilemma of Proposition 112

Why Win The Fourth Colorado is not making a recommendation on the 2500-foot Setbacks proposal. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

Presenting the CD4 Voter Guide
Win The Fourth Colorado has produced a Guide to 2018 Midterms, with recommendations on Candidates and Ballot Initiatives. Experience in other areas has shown that placing a Guide with specific candidate and issue recommendations in the hands of voters increases turnout significantly.

How We Did It
On October 10, 40,000 voter guides will be mailed to every CD4 Democrat who did not vote in 2014 but who did vote in 2016. In population centers, other voter groups were targeted as well. We estimate that considering multiple-voter households, the mailing will reach about 75,000 voters. WTF Colorado wants to thank our long-time ally Mr. Steve Szabo for "paying the freight" on so much postage!

Additionally, we have lined up volunteer walkers who will begin dropping voter guides by hand to voters who are too likely to vote or too unlikely to vote to be targeted in the mailing. Kudos to volunteers Pat Davis and Edna Loehman for recruiting volunteers and helping with the distribution.

When It Happens
Here's our timeline for making sure the Voter Guides arrive just when they will do the most good!
  • October 1: Voter Guides are printed and addressed, ready for mailing and distribution to volunteers.
  • October 2-6: Packets and walklists are being delivered to volunteer walkers, and to commercial outlets who have generously agreed to make Guides available to their patrons.
  • October 8-12: Spanish-language Voter Guides will be distributed to volunteers and retail outlets who have requested them. 
  • October 10: WTF Voter Guide Bulk Mailing Day!
  • October 15: Your County Elections Dept. can't mail ballots until this date.
    This is a perfect day to begin dropping Voter Guides on doorsteps! Get those ballots returned!
  • November 6: Election Day. This is it!
Vote No
on Amendment 74!
What's in the Wind?

The Great Debate!

Karen McCormick (cheers) and Ken Buck (boo! hiss!) will meet in their one and only face-to-face debate this weekend in Longmont, Colorado!

Where: Stewart Auditorium, 400 Quail Rd, Longmont, CO 80501
When: Saturday, October 6, at 2:00pm

Space is limited: Stewart seats only 225!

The debate is sponsored by the Longmont Observer, Longmont's only community driven local news source, and the League of Women Voters, in partnership with the Longmont Museum. Details here.

Can't be there? You can Watch Online at the Longmont Observer website, both live and after the event. Don't miss it!
No matter WHAT
Vote No
on Amendment 74!
It’s Time to Stop the Payday Loan Triple-Digit Interest Debt Trap!

[This article is featured courtesy of WTF endorses this position and urges you to vote YES!]

A coalition of community, faith, civil rights and advocacy organizations have come together to stop predatory payday loans through a ballot initiative in the 2018 election.

Payday lenders are currently the only lenders exempted from state usury laws, which means they can charge more than 200 percent in annual interest for loans of up to $500. Payday lenders require borrowers to give them direct access to their bank account to collect payment.  Payday loans
force struggling families into cycles of debt with these extremely high interest rates on loans that make repayment very difficult. 

Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans will ask voters to require that payday lenders play by the same rules as other lenders in Colorado by charging no more than 36% APR. It’s time to close the payday loan loophole!

The ballot language is simpleShall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning limitations on payday lenders, and, in connection therewith, reducing allowable charges on payday loans to an annual percentage rate of no more than thirty-six percent? 

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia already stop predatory payday lending within their borders by enforcing interest rates caps of 36 percent or less. Studies have shown that access to credit doesn’t change in states that cap interest rates.
After North Carolina closed payday lending completely, studies found that there was no significant impact on the availability of credit for households. Former payday borrowers there and in other payday-free states report that they now build on savings and cut back on expenses, as well as access other resources that are much cheaper and
less harmful than payday loans.

Colorado will now join four other states that put this initiative on their ballot, including Arizona, Ohio, Montana and South Dakota, where interest rate caps passed overwhelmingly.
This year, the voters of Colorado have the chance to level the playing field!

Get involved and Take Action!
Vote No
on Amendment 74!
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