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[Special Edition] 12 April 2019
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 Support Rochelle Saturday Morning
What a great opportunity to broadcast what a fine representative Rochelle Galindo is for Weld County.
Bre'r Rabbit being thrown into the Briar Patch. (Copyright Walt Disney Studios)
Steve Miller's Briar Patch

Uncle Remus Stories are not told much any more because the racial stereotyping in Joel Chandler Harris's dialect is offensive to modern ears, and many believe children should not be exposed to such insensitivity until they can understand it as literature and not current-day reality. But those of us who are old enough can still relish how Bre'r Rabbit tricked Bre'r Fox, who would have eaten him, into throwing him into a nice, safe Briar Patch instead.

President Trump and his de facto head of Homeland Security, senior aide Steve Miller, certainly learned racial insensitivity at somebody's knee, because they seem to think it's a good idea to use human refugees as pawns in their nasty game of border politics.

Now they are threatening - or planning - to drop off refugees applying for asylum in the self-proclaimed Sanctuary Cities who refuse to cooperate with ICE officials in locating and deporting migrant families who are already here. They think that filling our towns with desperate people from Central America is a punishment.

Here in Longmont, we know better. We know how much we miss the seasonal workers who used to come here to offer their services every year to
What's in the Wind?

Extreme Risk Protection Order Signed by Gov. P.

HB19-1177 Extreme Risk Protection Orders was signed by Governor Polis today in a Capitol ceremony shortly after noon. "Let's save some lives!" said the Governor. The bill goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

Chance to be on KUNC
Java with a Journalist begins at 11am at the Blue Mug Roastery on Saturday, April 13. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about how well Greeley is represented by Rochelle Galindo. Just in case any of the discontented minority are present, it's especially important for supporters to be out in force!

(Briar Patch, continued)

help us before the Trump era. We know how many good unfilled permanent jobs we have here. And we know what good contributors and generally fine people are the former migrants we have here, who chose to stay and become part of our community. 

We would welcome our new neighbors eagerly. We are a nice, safe Briar Patch for displaced refugees to hide in. Oh, no, Bre'r Miller. Just PLEASE don't throw any migrants into our Briar Patch!
How to Help Rochelle
The process of gathering signatures to recall Rochelle Galindo has begun, but we're resisting. If you live in or near Weld County and haven't joined up yet, here's what to do.

Sign up to Stand with Rochelle!

Join Indivisible's Protect our Reps Project.

Hey! This will keep us in practice for 2020!
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