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WTF Colorado's Weekly Newsletter Volume 2 No. 26: Special
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Special: A Call to Action!
Here is unity, solidarity and diversity. Look at the flags. Look at the faces. Young and old, black and brown and white. Look at the Grassroots and the Governor. This is the way we win. This is the only way we win.

A Plea for Unity

"I will be voting for the people who do not share my privilege and in a way that will do the most to decrease the power Trump and his cronies have to cause them harm."  ---LAURA RICHARDS

It grieves us, as it grieves Ms. Richards, above, to look at the social media and see the factions and infighting among Democrats, Democratic Socialists, and Unaffiliated voters. Most of all, it grieves us to see people threatening to withhold their votes because this or that candidate did something that violates their ideological purity. Please, please just stop. We are in this together.

Who are we?

We are all the people of good will.
We believe in the common good.
We  believe in Democracy.
We fear authoritarianism.
We oppose those who desire only to accumulate and hold wealth and power.
We are Americans and We are Fearless.

None of the differences between us, none of the litmus tests we try to apply matter. We are saving Democracy in America. Every vote is precious. Every vote is needed.

We can't vote against Mr. Trump this year, but we can vote for people who will oppose his agenda. And people that our readers usually oppose are giving us the same advice. Look:

"If conservatives want to save the GOP from itself, they need to vote mindlessly and mechanically against its nominees." -- Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes, The Atlantic

"Vote against the GOP this November." -- George Will, Washington Post

"A vote for any Republican is a vote for Donald Trump." -- Jim Boots, Danville, CA

The list of prominent and less prominent conservatives, moderates, progressives, and others who have in common only love for basic Democratic principles and fear of Trumpism, who are publicly advocating this position, grows longer daily. WTF, which includes a spectrum of political beliefs from far-left to center-left, is on the list. 

We don't have the luxury of taking any other position. The checks and balances the Founders of this nation put into our Constitution have been subverted and broken. We must vote against the party that did this, and did it with deliberate intent, out of office. Until our Democracy is working again and the Republic is secure, we have no other choice. Please understand this.

Now let's go get out the vote.


What's in the Wind?




You will need to RSVP for Buck's Town Hall, which will be held at 3pm Tomorrow, Friday July 20, in the Lone Tree Hub.
8827 Lone Tree Pkwy,
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

We suggest smuggling in small-ish "Silent Heckling" signs to hold up, saying, for example, TRUE and FALSE or AGREE and DISAGREE. We don't want to let Buck and his buddy Kevin Brady to get too comfortable. Let's make them sweat!

THEN, at 5, WTF COLORADO is hosting an after-Town-Hall Debrief.

This will be the fun part! You are welcome even if you can't get in to Buck's event. We will be buying the first round and selling WTF Colorado Logo T-shirts, certain to become a collector's item.

Details of the meetup below Uncle Sam!
Lone Tree Meetup Details!

WTF Colorado wants YOU!
Join our new meetup group: 
WTF Colorado: Rock the Midterms.


KEN BUCK Town Hall Debrief!
Lone Tree Brewing Company
8200 Park Meadows Dr.  #8222
Lone Tree, CO

Friday, July 20, 2018
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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