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As we prepare to turn the calendar to a new month, it's hard to believe six weeks have passed since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic in Saskatchewan. I continue to be amazed by the dedication, creativity and compassion of all our COR Family Members. THANK YOU for all that you do, every day!

Albeit exciting that our government has announced a plan to begin lifting restrictions over the coming weeks, it is critical that we stay vigilant and remain committed to adhering to the safety protocols introduced over the past 2 months -- we are still not in the clear yet!!

As such, both the COR Studio and COR HQ will remain closed to visitors throughout the month of May; we also request that guests continue to refrain from visiting the homes of the people we support in an effort to ensure safety for everyone.

Our primary focus is on keeping you, your team, and the people we support 'safe' while we navigate our way through the coming month. It is important that we all continue to do our part in minimizing risk.

The following safety protocols will remain in place for the month of May:
  • SLP support will continue to be adjusted to meet the essential needs of those supported. 
  • COR Studio and Inclusion Regina programming will continue to occur online; all face-to-face activities remain cancelled.
  • COR HQ remains closed to visitors; those needing assistance are encouraged to call ahead.
  • Guests are requested to avoid coming over to the homes of the people we support for visits.
  • Team schedules will continue to be adjusted to limit the cross over of supports between teams.
  • Team Meetings will continue to occur online via Go-To-Meeting.
  • Enhanced daily cleaning and disinfecting throughout all homes and workplaces remain a priority!
  • Supports are reminded to:
    • Maintain physical distancing (6ft) while supporting in a persons home (this includes co-workers and people served); if a person requires personal care, a mask and protective eye wear must be worn. (Remember: It's important to maintain physical distancing when you are not at work as well; this will help to keep us all safe!)
    • Limit the number of personal belongings they bring into the home of the person they are supporting.
    • Consider leaving a pair of shoes at the home to use while supporting.
    • Sanitize personal items, such as cell phones and water bottles, when you arrive and leave.
    • Wash hands with soap and water immediately upon entering and prior to leaving a support time.
    • Refrain from wearing jewelry and keep fingernails trimmed short.
    • Bring a pair of clean clothes to change into before going home; or change out of your clothes immediately upon arriving home.
    • Record their temperature upon arrival (and departure) at the person's home on the tracking sheet provided (where requested); individual temperatures will also be tracked twice daily on specific teams.
    • Model 'good hand hygiene' by frequently washing your hands throughout the day; bathing & showering daily is also encouraged.
  • COR has secured adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic; supplies continue to be replenished within each home weekly.
  • All COR family members have been provided with their own personal cloth masks to wear while supporting. DO NOT SHARE THE MASK! Additional masks are available at COR HQ if you require one.
Please remember the importance of practicing self-care and stress management – getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercise are key for mental health. COR will continue to share wellness resources and information through our various communication channels. If you are struggling, please reach out we have an abundance of resources and support available for all our family members.

We will continue to provide regular updates to keep you informed.
Keep Clean, Keep Safe. Our Message to You ♥️
Keep Clean, Keep Safe. Our Message to You ♥️
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