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First of all - Happy Easter to you!

It´s Easter in an unprecedented time, and we all don´t know where it is going.

Much has been said about the global situation already. We all have read a lot and wrestled with diverse opinions - but in the end we are confronted with the only security there is: Not Knowing!

This doesn´t mean that we don´t know anything or that there is nothing to be done right now. On the contrary, there is a lot to say and do these days. Yet, we are faced with the complexity of our global system, and we need the humility to allow space for that which we can´t know.

Not-Knowing is a tremendous power, that gives us the openness to walk towards the Future with Courage and Trust!

Maybe you have experienced something similar in the last weeks: Moments or days of inspiration, joy and curiosity, followed by other days or moments of confusion, worry and disbelief.

Some of it maybe even within a day!

The only certainty right now is that something, or perhaps everything is changing - and we are all participating in global experience live - and online :-)

For this, Komala and I have created an Free online Event to get support from our Ancestral Field for this turbulent Times.
FREE Webinar - Working with Ancestral Power and Wisdom in Turbulent Times
Working with Ancestral Power and Wisdom in Turbulent Times /  Monday 13th April 18.00

Crises, the capacity to overcome it and building new resilience is part of the human experience since the beginning of life. Our ancestors have found ways to survive and even to thrive so that we are able to be here now.

Out of crises often new creativity emerged, and sometimes the cost of surviving was high.
In this event, we bring awareness and connect to the resources we have inherited from our Ancestors, as a way to receive their wisdom and support
  • What can we learn from our ancestors and their experiences, which are still alive in cells today?
  • What are the strengths and qualities that were present in our ancestors that helped them to survive and thrive?
  • What are the challenges and struggles that our Ancestors had to go through in order to survive?
  • How can we turn struggles into capacities, through the power of recognition, respect, and loving awareness?

Coming together as a community is the most efficient way to support individuals and the collective to find strength, grounding and creative solutions in times of crisis.

We believe there is a portal of possibilities open right now, and the ancestor’s field is a powerful energy in our back that can support our way forward towards a new way of living.

This event is a taste of the online work with the Ancestors that we are going to offer in the coming weeks where we will go in-depth into these topics

These are exceptional times, and this brings forth new creativity also in our work!

I am doing all my individual sessions online, which works fantastic!

We can´t know right now, when in-person workshops will be possible again, so right now we are offering new content online!

We will offer a 4 hour Online Workshop on this topic on Sunday 19th April (14 - 18.00 CEST).
The Workshop will be fully interactive, with practices, sharings and small group exercices.
All info will be ready in the coming days!

The Workshop "The Right to Be" is also going to happen ONLINE, and we are very excited about the new possibilities this offers!
Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

FREE Webinar - Working with Ancestral Power and Wisdom in Turbulent Times

For now, I am wishing you time to breathe and the trust to relax into your Not-Knowing!

stay healthy and connected,

Gregor Steinmaurer
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