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Museum Programs Expand Accessibility
Wonder Fund Opens Doors for All   

An important goal at Wonderscope is ensuring that all children and families may attend the museum no matter their ability to pay.  Programs, like the Wonder Fund and Museums for All, open doors to affordable admission, annual membership and even field trips for Title 1 schools in the area. 
"We are committed to accessibility and diversity," said Roxane Hill, Executive Director. "Through special admission and membership programs, we hope to make museum visits affordable so that all families may experience high-quality learning through play."   

The Wonder Fund is a donor-supported program that allows families who meet federal poverty guidelines to qualify for greatly reduced annual memberships and field trips. Families pay a $5 application fee and are subject to approval. Then, they receive a 12-month membership that provides free admission to the museum and special events for their immediate family, discounts on birthday parties, and more. Title I schools in Cass, Jackson, Clay and Platte counties in Missouri and Johnson, Wyandotte and Leavenworth in Kansas are eligible for Wonder Fund field trip assistance. 
Museums for All is a national initiative sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Department of Defense that allows underserved families to visit museums, including Wonderscope, at a reduced price. Families must present a valid SNAP or EBT card at the Welcome Desk. Families may also visit any participating museum year-round at that museum's reduced admission price. 

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, active duty military personnel and Blue Star members receive free admission to Wonderscope for up to five accompany family members. Guests must show their valid military I.D. at the time of ticket purchase. 

Learn more and apply for Wonder Fund assistance HERE.  Help more families access the museum by making a tax-deductible donation HERE

For more information about field trip assistance through the Wonder Fund, contact Kelly Mipanyarack. 

What to Know about RSV
Winter brings a lot of coughs and colds, including respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-ul) virus (RSV), which causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages, and is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children.

Adults with RSV might have the symptoms of a common cold, such as a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, mild headache, cough, fever, and a general feeling of being ill. But in premature babies and kids with diseases that affect the lungs, heart or immune system, RSV infections can lead to more serious illnesses.

RSV is highly contagious, and spreads through droplets containing the virus when someone coughs or sneezes. It also can live on surfaces, and on hands and clothing, so it can easily spread when a person touches something contaminated. RSV can spread rapidly through schools and childcare centers. 

Because RSV can be easily spread by touching infected people or surfaces, washing hands well and often is key in stopping it. Try to wash your hands after having any contact with someone who has cold symptoms. And school-age kids who have a cold should be kept away from any younger siblings — especially babies — until their symptoms pass.

At home, make a child with an RSV infection as comfortable as possible, allow time for recovery, and provide plenty of fluids. The last part can be tricky, however, because babies may not feel like drinking. In that case, offer fluids in small amounts often.
To help your child breathe easier, use a cool-mist vaporizer during the winter months to keep the air moist — winter air can dry out airways and make mucus stickier.

Pediatric Outpatient Respiratory Clinic
The Pediatric Center at Overland Park Regional Medical Center is now offering a Pediatric Respiratory Clinic to treat bronchiolitis. The Pediatric Respiratory Clinic – located inside our dedicated Pediatric ER - provides suctioning for children up to 36 months old with bronchiolitis. The clinic is open December through April, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The clinic is staffed by pediatric nurses and respiratory therapists. A physician referral is for 10 days of visits to the clinic. An insurance co-pay or co-insurance will be charged at each visit. For more information visit oprmc.com/pediatric-respiratory.

 READ MORE about RSV, prevention and treatment. 
Who Do You Love?
Join us in February for a special month of love! On our "Who Do You Love?" wall, post a valentine heart to your loved ones. The museum is decorated for Valentine's Day and we will have special pop-ups and programming. 

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30th Anniversary Lunch

Wonderscope is celebrating our 30th anniversary with a special luncheon, Wed., February 27, 11:30 a.m. at the Downtown Marriott Hotel, Muehlebach Tower.  Join us as we look back and remember the early years as well as envision the future at our new museum.  Reserve your table today! Tickets and more information are available HERE
Welcome Desk Brings a Smile
Jan Dolliver, Wonderscope's Welcome Desk Attendant, is often the first staff member that guests encounter when the come through the doors.  WonderNews  thought you would like to get to know Miss. Jan better: 
 Q. What's your favorite part of your job ?
A.  I enjoy welcoming everyone, explaining the benefits of membership and hearing much fun children have here. 
Q What did you do before you came to Wonderscope?
A. I was a teacher for the Olathe School District.
Q. What prepared you for this role at the Welcome Desk?
A. I love people, especially children, and I've always thought Wonderscope is a wonderful place. 
Q. You are very creative. Does this come naturally?
A. My mom is creative .... I've always had fun with art, design and color. Plus, my daughters are also very creative!
Q. What do you like to do with your free time?
A. My hobbies are gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends. I also love to travel, and if I could go anywhere in the world, it would be warm and tropical -- like Belize or Figi. 
Q. Would would you like people to know about Wonderscope?
A. It's the best place to go for fun and safe play at such an affordable price. And, I can't wait for our new location to open! 

February Attractions

Feb. 8, 10:30 am-11:30 am:  Guest Reader Series - Author Alastair Heim reads "Love You, Too" to celebrate Valen-tine's Day. 
Feb. 22, 10 am - 11 am:  Donutology Day 

Daily Programs

Tuesday: Circle Time
10:30 am and 2 pm
Wednesday: Music and Movement
9:30 am, 10:30 am, 2 pm
Thursday: Art Class
10:30 am and 2 pm
Friday: Story Time 
10:30 am and 2 pm

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