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Hello Positopians,

Mandy and Jonathan Chew here!

Can you believe we've almost been in pandemic mode an entire year? Life has definitely thrown us some tough challenges, but as one of our favorite quotes says, "Your life will be what your thoughts make it!"

We've grown a lot with so many opportunities to see the good and to evaluate our thoughts this past year but we also can't wait until life returns to normalcy - until then, virtual hugs to all of you!

We can't wait to see you in the months ahead! We hope you are all doing okay and hanging in there.

- M&J

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"You’ll watch an entire Netflix series even when the first episodes are slow, just because someone told you ‘it gets better’ but what if you looked at your goals like that and watched your life get better instead?"
— unknown

A Little Joy to Start Your Day —

Self-Sustainable Floating 'Continent' Cleans Ocean Waste

Written by Fabienne Lang

An impressive design concept called the 8th Continent is a floating station concept that offers to solve one of our planet's most pressing issues: ocean waste. 

Created by Lenka Petráková, the design collects ocean debris and then breaks it down to be recycled. It won the Jacques Rougerie foundation's 2020 Grand Prix Award for Architecture and Innovation...

Kenyan woman finds a way to recycle plastic waste into bricks that are stronger than concrete

Written by Catherine Garcia, The Week

Using her ingenuity and engineering skills, Nzambi Matee found a way to help the environment by converting plastic waste into building materials...

The bricks are made of plastic that was originally used for milk and shampoo bottles, cereal and sandwich bags, buckets, and ropes. Every day, Gjenge Makers produces about 1,500 bricks, in different sizes and colors. 

Man leaves large part of fortune to French village that hid his family from Nazis

Written by The Guardian

An Austrian man who fled the Nazis with his family during the second world war has bequeathed a large part of his fortune to the French village whose residents hid them from persecution for years...


An anonymous $2 million donation has paid Colorado Symphony salaries through summer 2021

Written by John WenzelThe Denver Post

Colorado Symphony will be able to pay its employees’ salaries and health insurance through summer 2021 thanks to a $2 million anonymous gift, even as painful shutdowns continue for most nonprofit performing arts companies across the United States...


"If speaking kindly to plants helps them to grow, Imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do."

Here's to a safe and happy year ahead!
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