Mandy and Jonathan Chew here! 

We can't believe it's March already! This year feels like it's flying by! Where have the last 2 months gone?

We've been busy with life and working hard on our book, which strives to be a combination of sci-fi and self-help (with a healthy dose of time travel thrown in) :) We'll keep you posted as we get further along!

As always, thanks for reading!  We are always so excited to share with you all the positive resources that we find!  We know it can be a lot to digest sometimes, so we recommend starting with skimming the newsletter first and reading/watching more of what resonates with you in particular :)


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Quotes We're Pondering This Week—

(We like to find a lot of these, so we recommend for you to pick your favorite single quote here that you read and try and focus on it throughout the week.) 

“You’re writing the story of your life one moment at a time.” ~The Heartmath Solution

“If you get up high enough the sun will always shine.” ~unknown

“I began writing about power because I had so little.” ~Octavia E. Butler

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~Milton Bere

"A ship in harbour is safe but that is not what ships are built for." ~John Shedd

“The miracle is this, the more we share... the more we have.” ~Leonard Nimoy

"He who buys what he does not need steals from himself." ~Swedish Proverb

“You are only one thought away from a good feeling.” ~Sheila Krystal

This Week’s Positive Videos—

  • The Power of Addiction and The Addiction to Power by Dr. Gabor Maté:

This was an incredible video for us to watch. It really changed the way we think about addiction, power, and love...And we like the message of looking within to ultimately fix the problems within us and around us. 
  • Who Will Walk Away The Big Winners:
This one's a simple video, but it simply makes us smile...

This Week’s Positive Resources and Insights—

Age-old wisdom on bringing more happiness into life in simple and straightforward ways. One particular rule we really like is “make full use of whatever happens to you” because your paradigm really sets the tone of what you experience! 
  A great selection of videos that we highly recommend watching if you have some time.  There's also great little summaries and insights from each as well.
  A guided meditation to help you break from the unhealthy triggers and cravings in your life. 
  Reverse-engineering to figure out what makes the most extraordinary populations on Earth so happy.
  Habits to help you start off your days in the best ways...
  How a simple diet change could change your mental well-being...
  These aren’t just good for the workplace, these are great for any relationship and team-building experience. 

What We're Listening To — 

We've found a TON of great podcasts to listen to lately!

A show about how and why we suspend disbelief when it comes to Imaginary worlds, especially those in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. Being huge Doctor Who fans, we love how many episodes center around the mythology and fantasy tropes from the show. 
This is a podcast that takes a scientific and research-based approach to explaining happiness.  We really enjoyed the latest episode where Pete Doctor came on and talked about his process with writing the recent Pixar movie Inside Out.

Cool Inventions We Stumbled Upon  

  • A Treadmill on Wheels:
Check out this unusual mode of transportation!

Sci-Fi / Future— 

If you've watched Black Panther recently (go see it if you haven't!), you would have probably noticed all the COOL technology in Wakanda since it's been hidden away from the world for centuries. The movie broke box office records and made its money investment back in 4 days with just $242 million in the United States and $466 million internationally. Now the movie has gone and made over $800+ million total since its release. This article talks about the cool technology found within the movie! 

Excerpt taken from article on TheVerge

If you’ve ever read one of Ken Liu’s stories, you’ll know that he’s a master at writing something that will pack an emotional, devastating punch. Filmmaker David Gaddie recently released an adaptation of Liu’s 2012 short story Memories of My Mother, a heart-wrenching short that calls to mind brilliant science fiction stories such as Arrival and Black Mirror.

Enjoy Beautiful Dreamer a sci-fi, time travel tale set in a striking near future world of drones, robots, holograms and transport pods. But it’s also a personal story. A mother, facing a terminal disease, leaves her baby daughter and travels into space at near-light speed. Using relativity, she is able to stretch her final two years over her daughter’s entire lifetime but is only able to visit her daughter for one night every seven years. The visits are sometimes sad and sometimes beautiful. The daughter reaches her own mother’s age and then passes far beyond that while the mother is left stranded at the same age she was when she first left. The characters are torn apart by the same technology that unites them - briefly - over a lifetime.


What We're Reading This Week—

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
This book is meant to act as if you are one of Louise Hay's private clients, or you attended one of her workshops. It's filled with affirmations and treatments and great exercises to help improve your quality of life.  It even has interesting concepts that will make you rethink the way you look at things, like how ideas can be the cause of illness.  

Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter 

Since our book is going to be semi self-help, I've been delving into stories that are setup to be a little more self-help in their nature. I just finished this book and learned it was actually written by a top professor who teaches MBA courses for a living. It's main focus is on Leading Change inside an organization, which can be pretty challenging if you've ever worked for a big company. It outlines 8 steps to success and incorporates it in a fun, delightful, easy to read story that I think can be applied to multiple industries. It was great and love all the penguin analogies and overall light tone of the book!


That’s it for now! 

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Mandy & Jonathan Chew

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