Saluton Everyone!

Mandy and Jonathan Chew here to greet you :)

How did April go for you guys? Mandy and I started trying to learn a "created" universal language called Esperanto (which is how we said hello at the top). We discovered it recently and it's actually really easy to pick up if you're familiar with any of the germanic or romantic languages such as Spanish, French, etc.

Hope the month treated you well! What monthly experiment did you try this month? and what monthly experiment will you try for the month of May (or for the next 30 days!)

Sometimes we try to acheive too much, so Jonathan likes to say, you have to be fine with "Daily Underachievement" which means, don't be too hard on yourself, but try your best and just do one small bit at a time. Any progress is still progress, so celebrate the small wins! See you in May!

- M&J

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A Positive Quote We're Pondering This Week—

"The grass is greener wherever you take care of it.
- Anonymous

Positive People —

Frustrated at Work? That Might Just Lead to Your Next Breakthrough

By Adam Grant

We normally avoid frustrated people — we don’t want to get dragged down into a cesspool of complaints and cynicism. A natural response to frustration is the fight-or-flight response. 

But there’s a third reaction to frustration that we’ve overlooked: When we’re dissatisfied, instead of fight or flight, sometimes we invent.

Although it sounds like a destructive emotion, it can actually be a source of creative fuel.

Sci-Fi News —

Woman with 'mutant' gene who feels no pain and heals without scarring discovered by scientists

By Alex Matthews-King,

She reported numerous burns and cuts without pain, often smelling her burning flesh before noticing any injury.

“I learn about the world so I don't have to be afraid of it.”
- Jonathan Chew

A Video We've Enjoyed —
If you haven't seen this video yet, it's sure to bring a smile to your face. We deal with so much spam these days in our e-mails and our phones, but this man is fighting the good fight for all of us! Haha, we couldn't stop laughing. We particularly liked the second to last e-mail with the gummy bears! :P
Here's to a wonderful end to April and fun beginning to May!
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Always Remember, "Chews" Joy :)
Mandy & Jonathan Chew

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