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With many of our lives now affected by the novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we wanted to share some positive, helpful things we've found that have uplifted our spirits during these crazy, uncertain, unprecedented times and that have given us hope to know we will get through this.

Feel free to share these resources with friends and family.

This is one of the first global events that we've experienced in our lifetime. Our lives will be different in the months ahead, but most certainly, this too shall pass. If we best use this time to work on ourselves, catch-up on some books/movies/shows/classes, comfort those we know, and help others with kindness and compassion, then we can emerge stronger and better individually and as a community.

Stay safe, be well!

- M&J

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Things We're Pondering During These Extraordinary Times—

"It's okay to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave." ~Mandy Hale

This PBS News Hour that aired on Thursday, March 19 had some very good information and knowledge to help understand how what is happening in the fight against CoronaVirus and some helpful tips to share.
Hope-filled Uplifting Thoughts To Fight Anxiety—

10 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 Outbreaks From Around the World

By McKinley Corbley - Mar 17, 2020

If it seems that your news feed has been flooded with nerve-wracking updates on the COVID-19 outbreaks, have no fear—there are also plenty of positive updates on the pandemic as well.

So without any further ado, check out this list of 10 hopeful headlines on the coronavirus response from around the world.


Coronavirus: 7 Ways You Can Help Your Community

The easiest and most direct way to help your community at this time is to avoid contracting the disease and spreading it to others. That means washing your hands regularly and properly, practicing social distancing, staying home and away from other people if you're feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms, and following all protocols being set by your local government.

If you're looking for more ways to do good beyond those precautions, you can support one of the many charities helping people whose lives have been disrupted by coronavirus. Whether you want to volunteer or donate, here are some opportunities to consider.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Dr. Doreen Marshall, AFSP Vice President of Programs
A large part of anxiety comes from a sense of what we think we should be able to control, but can’t. Right now, many of us are worried about COVID-19, known as the “Coronavirus”. We may feel helpless about what will happen or what we can do to prevent further stress. The uncertainty might also connect to our uncertainty about other aspects of our lives, or remind us of past times when we didn’t feel safe and the immediate future was uncertain.

It’s important to note that we are not helpless in light of current news events. We can always choose our response. If you are struggling, check out some things you can do to take care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty.
Inspiring People doing Positive Actions —

Property owner tells restaurants not to pay rent — pay staff instead


With cities requiring non-essential businesses to close during coronavirus, some workers are without pay or jobs. In an effort to help a few local restaurants, one investment group is telling its tenants to skip the rent and pay their staff instead.

Quarantine isn't keeping these Spanish citizens from getting in a good workout

This Instagram video has gone viral because a fitness instructor in Seville, Spain is seen hosting a group workout from a rooftop, with people joining his class from their balconies staying true to social distancing.

And check out some great Celebrity singers sharing their songs on Twitter while in quarantine such as Lin Manuel Miranda having a playoff with Andrew Lloyd Webber and John Legend singing on the #TogetherAtHome.
Also, the Italians and Germans have found the great ways to use their time like singing on their balconies and staying united while remaining socially distant. Bono was so inspired that he wrote a coronavirus song dedicated to Italy.
Just a little bit of Disney humor to lighten the mood! —
Why do we need to wash our hands? —
Want to see how germs can spread? This is a really fun educational and informative video that we enjoyed watching that explains why washing your hands thoroughly is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of CoronaVirus.
Free Resources While 'Sheltering In Place' —

Nightly Met Opera Streams

During this extraordinary and difficult time, the Met hopes to brighten the lives of our audience members even while our stage is dark. Each day, a different encore presentation from the company’s Live in HD series is being made available for free streaming on the Met website, with each performance available for a period of 23 hours, from 7:30 p.m. EDT until 6:30 p.m. the following day. The schedule will include outstanding complete performances from the past 14 years of cinema transmissions, starring all of opera’s greatest singers.

Onward, Birds of Prey, and All the Major 2020 Movies Streaming Early Because of Coronavirus


“Given the rapidly evolving and unprecedented changes to consumers’ daily lives during this difficult time, the company felt that now was the right time to provide this option in the home as well as in theaters,” NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said in a statement.

That decision was made just before movie theaters around the country were forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic—and it didn't take long for other studios, including Warner Bros. and Sony, to follow a similar business plan. On Friday, even Disney joined the movement, announcing that the Pixar film Onward will be made available for purchase starting Friday before arriving on the Disney+ streaming service on April 3.

Check out a full list of the major 2020 movies that will stream early.

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (FREE)

BY Ten Percent Happier

In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos. We’re adding more resources as they're created - so keep checking back.

Please share this page widely. These resources are free for all.

We're all just walking each other home.” ~Ram Dass (thanks Noah!)

Educational things you can do while staying 'Safer at Home' —

A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!

Click on any of the underlined headings/links below to find out more. From virtual tours, to online learning, to geography and nature, music, arts and culture, entertainment, literature, and prayer and religious ceremonies.

Scribd’s library available to anyone, free, for 30 days

At Scribd, we believe reading is the most powerful tool we have for connecting and sharing the human experience. Today, with millions of people around the globe staying close to home to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, access to books and information is more important than ever before. Reading can offer incredible comfort: it reduces anxiety and makes us feel more accomplished and even happier. So, for the next month, we will be making Scribd’s library — which includes millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and more — available to anyone, free, for 30 days.

Google Earth Has Virtual Tours of 31 National Parks in the U.S.

In the time we're living in, these digital perks are more important than ever. Last year Google Earth rolled out virtual tours of some of the most breathtaking parks in the country. The map and satellite imagery masters at Google Earth have put together a series of guided virtual tours of 31 national parks around the country, providing a stunning glimpse of the trails and vistas you can take advantage of if you visit them in real life. It may not be the same as lacing up your hiking boots and inhaling the crisp clean air of the wilderness, but they're pretty neat nonetheless.

Here's to a safe and healthy month ahead!
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