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From Mandy and Jonathan Chew :)

Hope you've had a very wonderful February! It's already been 2 months into the year! How have your goals been going so far?

We have 10 months left of the year, but have you considered that we try to cram too much into a year? Mandy and I are trying to focus on being "decade" visionary, where we set goals for the next 10 years instead of the next 1 year.

So instead of trying to accomplish all your goals this year, show yourself a little kindness and shift your paradigm to thinking in decades, then see if you can break down your goal into more doable chunks.

- M&J

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A Positive Quote We're Pondering This Week—

"If you knew that your life was merely a phase or short, short segment of your entire existence, how would you live? Knowing nothing ‘real’ was at risk, what would you do? You’d live a gigantic, bold, fun, dazzling life. You know you would." 
- Chuck Palahniuk, The AV Club

Positive People —

He has talked more than 200 people off the ledge of the Golden Gate Bridge

By CBC Radio

Kevin Briggs has been called the "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge". As part of his job, this California Highway Patrol Officer talks to suicidal people.
Positive Products —

New Barbie line includes dolls that use a wheelchair, prosthetic limbs

By Sonja Haller, USA Today

Barbie is recognizing disabilities in the most important way it can — with a doll.

In June, Mattel will debut a doll that uses a wheelchair and a doll with a removable prosthetic leg as part of its Barbie Fashionistas line. 

“There are no regrets in life, only lessons.”
- Jennifer Anniston

Positive Tips —

The Science Behind Happiness


Recently, I heard a brilliant presentation on the nature of happiness, a TED talk by a fellow neuroscientist, Willoughby Britton. She said that what “we’ve learned about happiness is that it seems to be intimately tied to our attention. Or, more specifically, to our pervasive tendency, or habit, to not pay attention.”

Jonathan: So the past couple weeks, I've been focusing on where my attention is going and I've found peace of mind to be much easier to attain!

The Vows of Success —
Having been a fan of the original book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, I decided to borrow a copy of the apparent 2nd part of the book that I didn't know existed called, of course, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part 2: The End of the Story --

Even though it sounds like a book for salesmen, it actually contains some great life wisdom in the 1st book. In the 2nd book, it does the same thing, but focuses on success in life. The main character finds these 10 "scrolls" which have little bite-sized pieces of wisdom in short phrases, so I wrote them down to pass them on to you:

1. Never again will I pity or belittle myself.
2. Never again will I greet the dawn without a map.
3. Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm.
4. Never again will I be disagreeable to a living soul.
5. Always will I seek the seed of triumph in every adversity.
6. Never again will I perform any task at less than my best.
7. Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand.
8. Never again will I wait and hope for
opportunity to embrace me.
9. Always will examine, each night, my deeds of the fading day.
10. Always will I maintain contact, through prayer, with my creator.

The scrolls go into much more depth but you get the general gist! They're great little phrases to keep in mind throughout your day :)
Here's to a wonderful start to March!
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Always Remember, "Chews" Joy :)
Mandy & Jonathan Chew

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