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Happy February!

Mandy and Jonathan Chew here :)

Happy 2nd Month of the New Decade! Hope you are having a great month. Life is a present and we should all strive to appreciate the nectar in every moment. We wanted to continue sharing some of the lessons we learned in Always and Never by Lisa Shumate which shares the 20 Truths for a Happy Heart.

Here are the second set of 5 truths here as a way to remind ourselves that a happy heart has a "humane calling to lift up others." (You can see the 1st five in last month's issue here!)

6. ALWAYS place a high value on you.
NEVER allow others to determine your ability and potential.

7. ALWAYS be a student.
NEVER think you're too smart or too old to learn something new..

8. ALWAYS separate opinion from fact.
NEVER mistake opinion for fact.

9. ALWAYS see the beauty in mistakes.
NEVER allow mistakes to cause embarrassment or prevent you from trying again.

10. ALWAYS share credit for success.
NEVER allow your desire for praise to overrule recognition for the group.

So as we continue in this new decade, let's remember to help others around us, treat others like family, and take care of ourselves so we can be our best when helping others.

- M&J

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A Positive Thought We're Pondering This Week—

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~Anne Frank

This video came out when Rise of Skywalker opened, but we wanted to share it because the ending made us cry. So go out and create with love!
Positive Thoughts —

Babies are willing to give up food, showing altruism begins in infancy, study says

by Sandee LaMotte and Kristen Rogers, CNN

Picture this: a 19-month-old hungry baby picks up a delicious snack, but instead of gobbling it up gives it to an adult who appears to want it, too.

Now imagine dozens of different babies of the same age doing the same. And that's exactly what happened during a study published Tuesday that tests the beginnings of altruism in humans.


Man plays piano to soothe ailing, blind elephants at sanctuary in Thailand

They say an elephant never forgets, and those at Elephants World in Thailand will certainly never forget Paul Barton. Barton is the man who introduced these elephants to classical music.

How Much of Your Happiness Is Under Your Control?

BY KIRA M. NEWMAN, Greater Good Magazine, Science-Based Insights for a Meaningful Life
Do you know the happiness pie chart? If you’ve read a book or listened to a talk about happiness in the past 15 years, there’s a good chance you heard that 50 percent of our happiness is determined by our genes, 40 percent by our activities, and 10 percent by our life circumstances.
  • Choose activities that are virtuous and meaningful, rather than obsessing about feeling good all the time. Hedonism won’t necessarily make you happy, even if you feel good in the moment. If we pursue pleasure, it shouldn’t be at the expense of living a meaningful life. We also need to pursue a purpose, and practice forgiveness, gratitude, and generosity—those give us a sense of competence, autonomy, and connection, which are core human needs.
  • Add variety into our routine. Doing an exercise—like writing gratitude letters—the same way over and over can mean that we become accustomed to it and don’t reap as many benefits. You have to keep your brain alive to possibilities.
Amazing Humans —
Just before his passing on January 10, 2014, Sam Berns was a Junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where he achieved highest honors and was a percussion section leader in the high school marching band. This short TED talk is a fantastic philosophy on how to live a happy life.
Future / Sci-Fi —

Why TIME's 2019 Tech Optimists Are Upbeat About Silicon Valley's Future


As data breaches, misuse of personal information and the spread of disinformation erode the public’s trust in Silicon Valley, it can be all too easy to become cynical about technology’s impact on the world. But there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about tech’s role in society moving forward.

TIME speaks to 10 innovators, founders, investors and even athletes who remain upbeat about technology’s influence despite the many challenges facing the industry today.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration Elegantly Details 56 Years of Human Adventures into Space


The elegantly dense chart not only depicts the flight paths and orbits around planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, but also takes pains to illustrate some 100 exploratory instruments. The result is a shockingly clear overview of an immensely complex topic.

In my experience, the only way I know to change the type of person that you believe that you are — to build a new and better identity for yourself — is to do so with small, repeated actions.” ~James Clear 

Book we're reading right now —

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Mandy and I have been working on focusing our attention on the things that matter most to us. Because our energy is the most important things we can give, we want to make sure we divert our vitality to the things that we care about!

This is a fantastic look into how to help prioritize your life and organize your thoughts so you can be the most effective as you possibly can!

Are you watching the new Star Trek: Picard series? —

NOVEL: Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack

If you're watching the new Star Trek series Picard, then this book was just released after episode 3. Some say it will help explain the rest of the series going forward and give some more backstory to the characters.

You can learn more about the stories published in anticipation of the series here.

Here's to an amazing end of February and beginning of March!
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