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Weekly Grace Notes


June 04, 2021

Grace Church Connections
Youth Adventure Retreat
June 25-27, 2021
@ Bar M. Ranch
for all Junior High
and High School students.

Guest Speaker: Mitchell Walle
Availability: Limited spots available,
contact Pastor Mikki to sign up for the retreat.

Cost: $125 (includes all lodging, food, and activities)
*STUDENTS: If cost is an issue, contact Pastor MIkki.
Please, do not let the cost keep you from attending! 
Fund raising and sponsorships are options of pursuit prior to the event.

Blessing Opportunity: Unable to participate or volunteer? We are looking for Sponsors to cover their cost of a student(s) for them to experience a life-changing event. All Sponsorships are tax-deductible. For more information on being a Sponsor, contact Pastor Mikki.

Celebrate Recovery
Sun, 5:30-8:30 pm
Fellowship Hall
Social distancing, masks, and sanitizer will all be encouraged.
Contact Kevin Ott or Ionne Ott for more information.

Prophetic Prayer

Mon, 5-6:30 pm
Fellowship Hall
Social distancing, masks, and sanitizer will all be utilized.
Grace Youth Ministry
Wed, 6-7:30 pm
Fellowship Hall
Grace Youth Ministry is reactivating this coming Wednesday. 
Contact Pastor Mikki 509.876.1397 for more information.


Love and Logic

Coming Soon

Fellowship Hall

Contact Pastor Mikki 509.876.1397 for more information.
Men's Breakfast
Sat, June 19, 7 am
at Shari's Restaurant

Ladies' BeREAL Brunch
Sat, June 19, 10 am
at Clarette's Restaurant
Sunday Morning @ 10 am


On-line (via Facebook live)
SOAP Sunday

June 06, 2021  

Dear Saints,

I feel like the Lord is challenging me to stay true to the purpose of SOAP Sunday. Down below are the instructions for what a SOAP looks like.

Many pastor friends of mine are shocked that I would allow a time of sharing from the congregation on a monthly basis. But I believe that it has real value if it is done right. SOAP Sunday is not a time to preach at the rest of the congregation. It is not a time to get up and share stuff that you want to say. THAT’S NOT IT! It is not a time to bring everybody up to date on what’s going on in your life.

A SOAP is something you share that comes out of your own personal devotional life. As you are spending time in the WORD everyday, God will quicken a verse or passage of Scripture to you. When He does that, take some time with it using the SOAP acronym (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer). Take the time to write down where it leads you (to journal it). SOAPing is a way to journal that is very effective.

When you share it you are opening up your personal devotional life to the congregation. It’s about what God is saying to you, not what you want to say to the congregation. It’s about your observation and your application that culminates in a prayer. It is personal! It’s what God is saying to you! It’s what God is asking you to do!

I love SOAP Sunday. I love hearing about what God is doing in YOUR LIFE.



•       Read the entire portion of scripture for your daily Bible reading.

•       Pick one verse (or a couple) from the passage that speaks to

•       Copy that verse at the top of your entry for that page.


•       Observe what the verse says.

  • Think about who it was addressed to and why it was written. 

    Ponder its meaning, tone and purpose.

•       Take several moments to meditate on it

  • and let it soak into your heart.

•       Write down your observations in a paragraph

  • or few sentences in your journal.


•       Write out how you plan to put into practice

  • the lesson from what you have read?

•       How will you be different today as a result

  • of what you‘ve just read? 

     How does this verse apply to me?


•       Write out word for word your prayer to God

                              based on your reading.

  • •       Ask him to help you and thank him for his word.

Grace Church

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  • Pastor Dave Jones 509.520.1775
  • Pastor Mikki Jones 509.876.1397
  • Diane Briggs 509.522.9992*
  • John Briggs 509.540.9340*
  • Crystal Patterson 509.730.1966
  • Dave Hufford 509.200.0631
  • Dave Larson 509.386.1635
  • Dianne Hufford 509.200.0651
  • Ionne Ott 714.615.6555
  • James Ostrander 509.301.9583
  • Kevin Ott 509.730.3874
  • LaCheal Buff 509.301.5233
  • Peggi Spears 509.386.0220 / 509.525.1743
  • Robbie Patterson 509.730.1878
  • Sarah Herrera 509.520.5185
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Dave or Pastor Mikki. We are always here for you. 

Our Grace Church Leaders are also here for you, to come along side you for support, encouragement, and prayer..
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**All donated items are tax deductible.
**For questions or deduction notification, please contact 
Mary Lambert.

Donation Items Needed:
*Tea Packets (individually wrapped)
*Hot Chocolate Packets (individually wrapped)
*Powdered Creamer (bulk size to refill creamer jars)
*Coffee (Folgers, the large red canister)
*Coffee Stir Sticks
*Toilet Paper & *Paper Towels
*Liquid Unscented Hand Soap
*Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags & *Ziplock Bags
*Kleenex Boxes & *Napkins
*Paper Plates (no foam please)
*Plastic Forks, Spoons, and Knives
*Medium Plastic Cups
*Liquid Dish Soap & *Dishwasher Soap
*Plastic Wrap & *Aluminum Foil
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