Sunday, October 25th

We are gathering together to say


and express our appreciation

for our Pastors!

We want to update you now, so you can begin to pray from our Pastors and provide plenty of time for each Grace member to pray over their individual token of appreciation for them (see more information below).
Offerings and Appreciation:

Please take a few moments to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and prayers for Dave and Mikki.

Sunday, Oct. 25th, we will provide a basket in the foyer before service to collect gift offerings and expressed appreciations for Pastor Dave and Pastor Mikki.

Offering ideas could be a gift of any kind, gift cards/certificates, monetary check/cash gift, supply a favorite item (Frisbee golf, a favorite snack, candy, or coffee, etc.).

Expressed appreciation ideas could be
*a card, note, letter, or poem,
*church or family photo in a frame,
*an originally created art piece (drawn or painted picture, bookmarks, etc.),
*food ("Dinner on Us" basket, Fruit basket thanking them for their FRUITful leadership, etc.)
*a plant or flowers ("Thank you for helping me GROW in God's love", etc.)
*anything on your heart to share how our Pastors have been a blessing to you/your family and/or how you have grown in the Lord by being a part of our Grace Church Family.

Above all else, please always be in prayer over our Pastors and Spiritual Leaders.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them with one of the Elders, Deacons/Deaconesses on our Grace Church Leadership Team. 

Love and Blessings,
Grace Church Elders and Deacons/Deaconesses

Grace Church Leadership

Prayer for our Pastors:

Our Father who is in heaven, Holy is your name. Lord, I thank you for your righteousness, strength, and wisdom. Lord, I know that you have called every single one of your children for a specific purpose and that you have graced them to walk in that purpose. Father right now, I lift up our pastors. God, I thank you for the vision that you have given them for our church. I thank you that I get to be part of the community in which you are building. I ask that you send your angels to cover and protect our pastors. Give them strength, power, and understanding to teach your Word and to do so in a way that drives religion out and brings relationship with you as the center point.

God, I pray that our pastors would operate in wisdom when it comes to counseling and assisting your people. Give them wisdom the way you gave Solomon wisdom, so that they would know how to lead your people justly and rightly. Lord, surround them with relationships with people they can trust and can be accountable to. Surround them with people to encourage them in your way. Lord, we know that pastoring is not an easy endeavor, so, grace them all the more to do the work of the ministry for which you have called them.

God, give them peace, strength, and let a refreshing fall over their hearts so that they can continue to go forth in your power and might.

Finally, Lord, give them clear direction and revelation about the direction for our church. Protect them from those who would desire to harm them and steer them off course. Give them sharp discernment. Flow prophetically through them Lord, so that your Holy Spirit would make manifest the glory of God in their lives, in their relationships, and in the church that you are leading them to raise up. 

God, thank you for my pastors and the sacrifice that they give for our spiritual growth and maturity. I love and honor our pastors Father. Thank you for leading me to them. In Jesus name I pray, amen! 

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