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The Emperor's New Hoax

When Hans Christian Andersen's weavers realized they were unable to fulfill their promise to the emperor for a new suit of clothes, they concocted a tale:  they told him that they had in fact made the suit, but out of special cloth that was invisible to all those who were stupid, incompetent or unfit for their position.   Naturally no one dared to own up, including the stupid, incompetent and unfit emperor, who paraded naked through the town -- until a child cried out that he was wearing no clothes.  Donald Trump's nakedness has never been more on display than during our coronavirus crisis, a crisis immune to his usual bag of tricks:  lies, spin, bullying and blame-shifting.  No amount of tweeting can explain away the grave and costly errors of this administration, the testing failures and lost time -- even as our president blithely denied reality, assured us that it would all just miraculously disappear, and called out the media and Democrats for the "fake" news of this "hoax."  From the empty shelves in the supermarkets to the crash of the stock market, it is clear that most Americans are disregarding all that he says.  Trump has become a mere bystander to America's emergency, his words less respected than that of our sports commissioners, college presidents, governors and school superintendents.  It has certainly taken far longer than it should have, but the nakedness Donald Trump has paraded during the last 3 years has finally been exposed for all to see.  Out of an abundance of caution, our nation must focus on the challenges we collectively face and avoid distraction from the White House.  As to those professionals at the CDC, the medical experts and scientists who must repeatedly and discreetly correct his misinformation, and Vice President Pence, it should be pointed out that the coronavirus is not stopped by kissing ass:)   Happy hand washing to all and be safe!!

Columbia County has declared a
State of Emergency 
effective Monday, March 16th.
Your Turn

The CDC has advised cancellations of any gatherings that are projected to have 10 or more people. Accordingly, ICNY will not be scheduling any general meetings until this crisis has abated. Our political work is also challenging at this point, as this is not the time to engage in door-to-door canvassing. The Resistance must go on, however—especially as we have a person in the White House who is making this situation worse with every breath he utters. We will be notifying you in these Updates of actions you can take from home—and we also are looking to make the Update more interactive and reflective of your voice and your concerns. We invite you to email us at with comments and questions and we will try to get back to you on them as best we can. We will also share some portion of what we receive with our readership. 

We’re all in this together! Be smart and be safe.

Do It From Home!
Your Indivisible Action of the Moment

This past Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a Coronavirus aid package in a bipartisan vote of 363-40. Good news! (Although Rep. Louie Gohmert, the moron from Texas who refused to self-quarantine after the CPAC exposure and was seen leading a tour of Texas students around the Capitol, is singlehandedly holding up sending the bill to the Senate, thus eating up precious time).

However, the bill provides for medical reimbursement for New York at a lower level (50%) than other states will get (75%).  See this tweet from Governor Andrew Cuomo:  Read it Here.  The bill also provides medical leave for only 20% of the population—explicitly excluding folks who work for companies with over 500 employees.

Please call your Congressperson, Antonio Delgado, at (202) 225-5614 and Nancy Pelosi at (202) 225-4965 and tell them how you feel about this. (Urge your friends to do so also.)  

Some Practical Advice
(despite the name). Click though for the details.
Our governments are only slowly implementing measures to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and containing the COVID-19 pandemic. Slow reactions, public appeasement policies, and their urge to stabilize the economy have kept them from taking the measures needed to protect millions from this disease. However, it is not only the government's burden to bear. It is time for us, as citizens of this earth, to take action now and do our part in fighting COVID-19.
What We're Reading Now
A Citizen's Guide To Beating Donald Trump
by David Plouffe, Viking Press

Just released this month, Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and senior adviser weighs in on what it will take to defeat Donald Trump and repair some of the damage caused by the previous election’s “historically disturbing and perhaps democracy-destroying outcome.”  (Kirkus Reviews)

The book group will be scheduling a meeting when the situation permits—or perhaps scheduling a Zoom meeting if the situation doesn’t permit. Stay tuned..but start reading!

ICNY Events

Postcards to Voters
The ICNY Postcard to Voters team is asking volunteers to write postcards from home - which may not be as much fun as the weekly gatherings, but is safer.

Want to write postcards from home?  Go to the Postcards to Voters main site for more information.  The effort consists of over 61,000 volunteers in every state, and have written over
4 million postcards to voters in 177 key, targeted elections.  

Our own team of 30 volunteers (thanks to each of you!) has sent out thousands and thousands* of postcards to date!

*We can't keep up, but it's over 3600

Community Events

Chatham Dems Chili Fest
When:  Postponed till November 17th

Blue Wave Brunch
Special Guest Representative Antonio Delgado
When: Saturday, May 2nd from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Helsinki Hudson, 405 Columbia Street

Help support our democratic candidates.
Hosted by Columbia County Democratic Committee


Contact us at IndivisibleColumbiaNY@gmail if you have an event you think the community should be aware of.

Information about community events is provided as a service to our readers. This should not be construed as endorsement of any event, organization, or political candidate and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
Adam Zyglis, Cagle Cartoons 2020
Gary McCoy, Cagle Cartoons 2020

Columbia County Board of Elections.  Download an application for an absentee ballot or voter registration here.

Be Involved.  Contact ICNY.

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